Monday 15 April 2024

Know The 6 Ways : Your Phone Is Changing You

Know The 6 Ways : Your Phone Is Changing You

Can you imagine life without Smart Phones and iPhones today? Are these phones less than a life support system for an educated and aware human being?

The answer is obvious, “NO”

Today, your phone wakes you up in the morning, plays your music library, keeps your calendar, captures your life in pictures and videos, let you enjoy sling-shooting wingless birds into enemy swine, lets you be connected on social media such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

It is not wrong to say that you are smart because of your smartphones. The smartphones and iPhones are changing your life in the following ways:

# Change 1: You Become Non-Human in Conversation

When you interact with your near and dear ones through phones or electronic media, your conversation is usually superficial and brief. This leads to change your relationships. Your personal interactions also take the same shape i.e. superficial and brief.

Your norms of conversation online and offline is similar. When you interact with your near and dear ones through social media such as Twitter and Facebook; you are short, clipped and very rapid. Definitely, this is not the right conversation. You are well aware that in a good conversation listening and timing is involved. This is not available in online conversation. If you behave in the same fashion in offline conversation as in online, you are going to ruin your personal relations.

# Change 2: You Ignore Your Limitations

As a human being you have some limitations. You can think and feel only a few things at a time. But smartphones and iPhones equipped with advanced technologies drag you stretch out over the entire globe with photos shared on Instagram, Facebook messages and Twitter feeds.

With smartphones and iPhones in your hands, you generally don’t miss anything. But in reality, you in mad race and working under fear of being left out. A day will come when you will lust in your subconscious mind to become infinite like God. One more thing, you are leaving your reality because you are not doing everything your own but your phone is reminding you again and again to do so many things with it.

# Change 3: You Are Multitasking Yourself in Place of Being Unmasked

In the rat race of today’s technology in form of smartphones and iPhones, you have forgotten the holy calls of Scriptures that life must be the single-minded and self-reflective. You need not to get thwarted by multitasking. This does not mean that you should not use smartphones and iPhones, instead you must have priorities that overcome your smartphone and iPhone notifications.

The smartphones and iPhones have not only swallowed your friendships and made you ignorant of personal limitations but also forced you to embrace the multitasking. You multi task yourself in everything; be it thinking or living. This definitely taking you to unhealthy life.

# Change 4: You Are Forgetting The Joy Of Personification

Your personality is reflected only to a limited extent in your email messages or tweets. This does not pass your accurate message in the same manner as you wish. Your jokes are taken seriously and someone gets offended and vice versa. In fact, the completer joy comes with one personal interaction added with appearance, touch, voice and timing.

Remember that social media and email can of limited use and not the replacement of personal communication.

# Change 5: You Are Losing Interest In Public Gathering

You are already aware that the message generated and passed in public gathering can’t be repeated and enjoyed in a group Skype call. In a public gathering you communicate, embrace, show your love, weep and also laugh with other fellow human beings.

# Change 6: You Are Growing Careless With Your Words

Associated with online issues, you grow careless on your words. In online communication it is quite possible that you forget that you are talking to someone having souls. You forget to maintain your integrity.

The only way to prevent yourself from being drag by your smartphones and iPhones us be careful with your words. Be careful as how you we speak and let your words be few.