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Know What Is Done At A Car Service Center

Know What Is Done At A Car Service Center

To make sure that your car gives you optimum performance and is safe to ride you need car service after regular intervals. You must have booked at car service to get your car proper service. Proper servicing makes your car fuel efficient and helps you to save money too. But have you ever thought that what actually happens in between when you leave your car in the service center and then collect it from there. This article would give you an insight of the same.

Types of Car Service Available

The work that would carry out in the garage would depend upon the type of service which is booked in. Although there would be a slight difference between every garage, but this will give you an idea how they work.

  • Interim Service –To be sure that in between two full service your car is safe and secure in roads, this service is done. They are carried out every 6 months or 6000 miles, whichever is higher. It gives you peace of mind that the parts are working properly.
  • Full Service – For maintaining your car optimally and get the best services from it this service is carried out every year or 12000 miles whichever is higher!

The technicians commence work after discussing with you any problems that you have been facing and other issues. They would check out for any damage on the body of the car and examine the wheel trims.

Know What Is Done At A Car Service Center

Checking of different Parts of your Car

When you leave your car at car service they check out the interior and exterior lights, all the seat belts and the horn to be sure that they are working properly. Then it is checked if the headlamps, mirrors and number plates are in proper position or not and whether the alignment of wiper is correct. Next, the ABS warning light is reviewed if it’s working properly and in an interim service the heater plug indicator is checked.

Then comes the turn of the bonnet, where the battery terminals are tested and the auxiliary drive belts are checked. After it the radiator hoses are checked for leaks and the strength of anti-freeze is also verified. They also make sure that there are no leaks in the coolant. They would also make sure whether the cam-belt or the pollen filter needs replacement or not. Different parts like the radiator, expansion bottle and its caps are checked to make sure that there are no leaks. If required the clutch hydraulics. Cable is examined and adjusted. The air filter is also checked that it is working properly or not and whether it needs replacement.

Now the Vehicle is Raised

To look at your wheel bearing for noise and for wear, corrosion and leaks on your steering and suspension your vehicle is raised. After removing the wheels and brake drums the discs are checked for any distortion, cracks, scoring or corrosion. The pads are looked for wear and the wheel cylinders and calipers are inspected for operation and existence of leaks. The hand brake is lubricated and adjusted if necessary, so that its security function remains intact.

Next the technicians at car service will look for the tires and verify whether the condition of the tires are fine or not and the pressure is normal or not at all of them. The exhaust system is inspected for leaks, security and noise and a virtual check is done to make sure that there exist no leaks. The fuel lines and filter is studied and the auxiliary handbrake shoes are tested. On a major service the wheels’ balance will also be examined and lubrication of the auto transmission cables/linkage is done.

Now its Turn to Refill

Finally comes the time to refill and replace the oil filter, engine oil, sump-plug washer. The topping of the gearbox and axle oils, radiator and brake and clutch fluid is done. If you have a petrol car then the spark plugs’ condition is also checked. Battery terminals are also lubricated. Power assisted steering reservoir and the Auto transmission fluid are checked and topped up, even the bonnet catch is greased.

After completion of the total servicing the technicians at car service will call you and ask to inspect your car and you can move ahead with a secured car.

This blog has been written to provide useful information about Car servicing. Still want to know more then let’s go to the details and get more information.