Tuesday 25 June 2024

Lessons To Teach Your Child For An Earthquake

Earthquakes are known to be a scary or even terrifying experience for most individuals, especially children that may not understand what may be happening at the time. Parents can teach their children a few valuable lessons on safety and how to behave in the event of an earthquake.

What is Earthquake?

An earthquake occurs when plates that are located beneath the earth shift in their positions. In some areas, two plates will be shifting simultaneously, creating friction which will lead to a break. Earthquakes are vibrations that can be felt due to these types of breaks.

Lessons to Teach your Child for an Earthquake

Due to the nature of an earthquake the event usually occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. Parents should ensure that their child will know the steps to take when caught up in an earthquake. One of the techniques that should be taught will be to drop to the floor, cover their arms over their heads and to hold onto any solid object.

Teach To Move Away From Objects

When your child is in a building or room when an earthquake hits, the child should try to remain calm and to hide under a table or desk. Additionally, you should teach your child to quickly move away from windows and any objects that may fall or break over them. When your child is outside you should firmly instruct them to move away from any buildings, utility poles and street lights.

Teach To Take Cover in Public Area

Teach your child safety methods when they may be caught up in a type of public area such as a busy shopping center. The first step would be to take cover under a stable heavy object and to avoid trying to escape the building as most people will be panicked and trying to all escape the building at the same time. Teach your child to stay away from an elevator during the earthquake as well as shortly after as there is always the chance of an aftershock.

Teach To Remain Calm When in a Vehicle

In the event that an earthquake hits while you are driving with your family, try to get off the road and stay away from poles or wires. Remain calm and reassure your children and be sure to wait for enough time before you decide to carry on driving.

Teach Safety Measures To Take

You should teach your child about specific safety measures to use after an earthquake. When your child is at home and they smell fumes or hear any hissing sounds they should vacate the home immediately and find a neighbor and ask them to call for assistance and the necessary help. Your child should ensure that they are wearing shoes after an earthquake to protect their feet from foreign debris and broken glass that may be lying around.

Earthquakes are regarded as a natural type of deadly occurrence as there are no warnings and telltale signs as to when they will hit. Teaching your child to seek for cover and to hold on until the earthquake passes as well as remaining calm will enable your child to face such a disaster with a clearer understanding.

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