Wednesday 19 June 2024

Let’s Discuss Basic Requirements Of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Let’s Discuss Basic Requirements Of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When you are setting up a new restaurant, the most important part of the restaurant kitchen is equipment which is to be used. Few of this kitchen equipment are based on the menu of your restaurant and others are the basic requirements of the restaurant.

Equipment like a pizza oven, sandwich griller is optional if you offer fast food in your menu then you need this equipment otherwise not. But equipment like dishwasher, burners, and exhaust hood are the inseparable part of the kitchen, without this equipment you cannot start cooking or serving in your restaurant.

You need a sink for soiled utensils and working table for cutting and other purposes. Bain Marie is required to keep the ready to eat food hot. The serving table can be used for multiple purposes.

Basic Required Equipment:-

Burner Range:

Burners are required in any kitchen equipment whether you opt for cooking and preparing food or you opt for ready made food serving only. You need burners to warm or cook or get the food ready to serve in your restaurant.


It is used for washing the soiled utensils. These utensils can be large or small. Small utensils are used for serving food and preparing food in small quantities whereas large utensils are used for preparing food in large quantity and to make raw material for different dishes.

This dishwasher can be used to washing, drying and managing the dishes after wash. For washing larger utensils these sinks in this dishwasher in which you can manually wash and keep them aside for drying.

Work table with Sink:

It works like wonder for a small space kitchen. It has a sink for keeping soiled and non-usable utensils and other items which are not being used to keep. And the working table is for performing extra work like chopping, cutting, garnishing and other miscellaneous works. Sink attached to your work table adds more convenience to your work.

Service Table:

It is used for chopping and cutting the vegetables and make the serving plates ready for the restaurant orders. It works as helping hand for the chef. All the miscellaneous works can perform on this service table.

Bain Marie:

It is used to keeping the food hot by the process of keeping hot water under the steel pans filled with food items. This is an important part of a commercial kitchen equipment to reduce the task of warming the food items again and again.

Exhaust Hood:

It is a very important part of kitchen equipment. We cannot even imagine a kitchen without exhaust hood. All the smoke produced by preparing and cooking food will be exhausted out of the kitchen by this hood only.

The above listed products are an inseparable part of commercial kitchen equipment. We cannot imagine to build-up a kitchen without any of these.