Saturday 22 June 2024

Liquid Stains – Eco-frindly Cleaners

Some people can’t do anything before they’ve drink their first coffee in the morning or their cup of tea. Unfortunately, sometimes there isn’t enough time and when you see your watch you make a mess spilling the drink while hurrying for the office. This will not only ruin your day but also the textile flooring, fortunately there are ways to clean those kind of stains relatively easy and without damaging the fabric. We specialise in carpet cleaning in South Woodford but our long experience with other cleaning services allows us to give you some useful tips on cleaning liquid stains.

How To Treat A Liquid Stain

When you deal with those kinds of spots it is important to act fast but not to panic because you can do more harm than good. First, get some kitchen paper or a clean dry rag and soak up the liquid but don’t apply much pressure and don’t under any circumstances scrub because you’ll not only damage the fibres but will also force the stain deep into the fabric. It can even reach the padding and cause mould development which can result in replacing the entire textile flooring which will end up in spending a great deal of money.

Once you’re done with the soaking it is time to proceed to the actual removal, the technique will depend on the time you have and the type of fabric which the stain is on. When dealing with moisture sensitive fabric you should use dry compounds such as baking soda. It is perfect if you don’t have enough time to deal with the stain because you have to generously sprinkle the area and leave it to work its magic.

Liquid Cleaning Solutions

If course I recommend you use liquid solvents if possible because the result will be better and you may only need to repeat the process once. Also if you take care for the spot right away there is a better chance of removing it completely. If you leave it for the day after cleaning it is almost curtain it will reappear again. I would like to give you some tips on how to proceed with the liquid solutions and how to actually apply them correctly.

You have to remember that pressure and scrubbing are your worst enemies, gently blot and always work form the outside towards the centre of the stain that way you won’t spread it further. The first recipe I can offer you is vinegar mixed with water in a 1:1 proportion. Don’t worry about the smell because it will disappear once it is dry. The second one is liquid soap or dishwashing detergent mixed with baking soda.

The third is hydrogen peroxide and a little lemon juice for scent, both of those ingredients work like bleach but don’t have its damaging effect in the fabric. Also they won’t discolour the carpet and you don’t have to rinse the solution. I hope this article was useful and you won’t have to replace the area rug next time you spill your morning coffee. If none of the methods work better hire a carpet cleaning company.