Monday 15 April 2024

Look Forward To These New Technology Gadgets Becoming A Reality In 2017

2016 was the year when technology truly scaled newer heights. However, if you thought you have seen awesome things happen because of advancing technology in the previous year and the trend is going to buck this year, you are in for a major surprise. Apparently, technology is something that does not have a brake paddle. It is going ahead full throttle in 2017 if the kinds of cool stuffs to buy in the pipeline are any indicator.

Foldable Smartphone

Everyone loves things that are portable and compact but can portable technology extend to mobile phones? Apparently it can because a patent for bendable mobile has been filed which means that work on such a device has reached a conclusive stage. A foldable smartphone is a smart idea indeed and it could be in your pocket before the year rolls over.

Nintendo Switch

This might not come as a complete shocker because news about the product was shared through an official video in the fading months of 2016. The new home gaming system is revolutionary to say the least and can change the gaming scenario dramatically. You can easily make the transition from the home gaming mode to the portable mode effortlessly and enjoy your games anywhere, anytime. This should be there on your cool stuffs to buy for 2017 list.

Wireless Audio Ear Buds

Audio ear buds without any wires attached? This could be a big one. You can be pretty sure these ear buds will hit the market in 2017 as almost all the big daddies of technology are working fervently on them. How they will manage the wireless part and what the sound quality is going to be are questions that will be answered well before end of 2017.

Slimmer And Sharper TV

Just when you thought that TVs cannot get any slimmer and sharper, some brand has gone ahead and raised the bar. You will be able to buy an Ultra High Definition TV in 2017 that not only twinkles at night but also comes with some jaw-dropping technology that will make television viewing more exciting and enjoyable but for a price. Expect quantum dots, curved monitors, sharper pictures and awesome sound from your ultra slim TV.

The Newest Drone That Does Amazing Things:

Drone technology is forever evolving and it is likely that in 2017, you will find drones with landing gear that can be retracted and will fold on impact. Of course, the cameras too will undergo major transformation. It can even avoid collisions and fly in areas where there are dense obstructions. Plans are on to introduce drones in which the traditional controller is replaced with Android Or iPhone which makes pre-programmable flights possible.

Stunning Viewing Experiences

In 2017, you can well expect VR and AR – Virtual and Augmented reality to go places and take you along, if you excuse the pun. Top players in this field of technology are geared up to deliver accessories and experiences that can create amazing viewing experiences. So, VR and AR will definitely combine to deliver mixed reality and transform entertainment value dramatically in 2017. A must-have among the cool stuffs to buy for 2017.

Driverless Cars

They have been in the testing phase for a couple of years now but 2017 could see these cars making their commercial appearance. Driverless cars will definitely be one of the defining breakthrough technologies of 2017. They will not only self-drive but will also park in tight places on their own. What more could you ask for from cars.