Monday 15 July 2024

Marketing strategies that will help grow your business

All is fair in love and business. When competing in an open market, you know it’s a cutthroat world out there, where the slightest edge can make or break your entire business. Marketing tips&tricks are there to put your endeavour on the map and to get people talking about it. The steady and continuous growth of your user base, provides the same kind of growth for your entire business. Getting to that point is easier than you think, so let’s begin!

1. Cooperation

While competition can get merciless and cutthroat, cooperating with other companies that operate in your field can be the right thing to go. In a way, this reduces competition as together you appear on the market in unison. Your product and service can be complementary to another one and in that symbiotic relationship, you can start building your business cooperation. Two companies have far greater resources and reach than one.

2. Influencers

The modern, digital marketplace is a bit different from its traditional counterpart, but some things remain the same. Having an influential, trusty and representative person present your product or service to a wide audience leverages that person’s influence over them. Word of mouth recommendations is worth their weight in gold, and you can’t get it any better or more direct than via an influencer. 

Influencers have their audience built up and loyal to a degree of fanaticism, which makes for the perfect jumping point for your product or service. What remains is for you to do market research on which influencer is best suited for your company. Remember that people associate your company with the influencer. and anything they do or say will reflect on you, so choose wisely.

3. Branding

Name any three brands before you continue reading. That’s the power of recognition you want! When people say soda, they think Coca-Cola. You want them to feel and think the same when they associate their needs with your product or service. Your company’s brand needs to be everywhere and recognisable. From your front door, website, company cars, bags made by professional and quality bag manufacturers, stickers, t-shirts, and anything you can think of, needs to have your brand. Your brand competes against countless others, so making it stand out will take time, effort and investment. Those that persevere will prosper and have their place in the customer’s mind. When your brand is nestled there, you can consider the job done.

4. SEO optimisation

We all know that joke about the second page of Google. While it may be a joke, it’s worth noting that being on the second page of Google is nothing to laugh about. Your business can either be on the first page and in the first few searches or not exist at all. When people google associated terms and businesses, you want them to see your name and your name only. 

Thousands of others compete for that spot, and the better SEO practice wins. SEO is, in a way, making the best out of Google algorithms. You can invest in your department that will do this important job or outsource it. Whatever you do, keep in mind that SEO is essential in the modern, digital marketplace. Without it, your brand and company will fade into oblivion. Which is the third page of Google.


5. Personal emails

Direct, brief and informative. These are the perfect three ingredients for your emails. Mass sending templated emails are a horrific practice of the past. Personalised emails from a curated list are how you want to do things today. Start by doing market research about your potential buyers, associates and customers. Then, create a list containing your best picks and write personalised emails that resonate with them. Rinse and repeat until the list is complete. Do one, and only one, follow-up after a week with no replies, and that’s it. Such a list offers a direct way of measuring your result for future practices.

6. Content is king

Potential buyers can consume products, services, and content. Keeping their needs well fed with these three items guarantees profitable success. Your company is already producing products and services, now it just needs to keep up with the content. Having a blog where you can post daily about your business ideas, suggestions or plans keeps your potential, and current buyers occupied and engaged. Engagement drives emotional investment, which leads to a loyal consumer. 

Embarking on your trip to carve your niche in the blogosphere is a long-term investment. Content takes time to build up, your subscriber base (to which you can email) grows with each day, and your brand recognition gets established with each post. Consistently producing quality content will get you on people’s radars. Once you do get their attention, it’s up to your content to keep it.

7. Find what works and stick with it

The title is self-explanatory, but you would be surprised at the number of businesses that ignore such practices. When you find a niche, tone or method that brings you the greatest result, congratulations are in order, because you’ve found your golden goose. A winning team should not be changed because there is a reason for their success. Whatever it may be in your situation, keep doing what you do, produce a steady outflow of results and, most importantly, keep making your b1uyers happy. Your winning formula is personal and not applicable to every business in the field. That being said, you should also keep your winning formula a secret. Better safe than sorry.


Coal becomes a diamond under pressure. Businesses today are under pressure, more than ever. Some will break, some will quit, and others will thrive. We all want our business to be in the third group and, it’s the little nuances that will get us there. Tips&tricks, secrets of the trade and every little advantage pave your road to success. Consistency trump’s chance. Keeping a steady course towards your vision, day in and day out will produce a constant and stable stream of results. We wish you all the best.