Tuesday 28 May 2024

Men Winter Guide For Style – Seasonal Favourites

Dressing for autumn can be exciting. The leaves are falling, the air feels icy and nothing feels better than staying inside and feeling cosy. Unfortunately for us people who are happy to stay inside, there comes a point at which we need to go outside. dressing for the fair weather while dressing to impress is something not many men know how to do. There isn’t much to winter fashion, as each year we see our seasonal favourites return in different colours and styles. Mastering men’s winter fashion is a great skill to have, and if you are looking for some of the best-inspired pieces to add to your collection then here are our favourites:


Leather Jacket

Winter is the best time to mix and match your outwear jackets, and a leather jacket is going to be the sleekest piece you can get this winter. Leather jackets have been on and off the scene since their first jump in popularity way back when. The first thing to consider when finding the perfect leather jacket, was how it was made. Ethically we would recommend going for faux leather, as you will be contributing towards more eco-friendly clothing options, which its popularity is going to be on the rise this season. Oversized is the way to go with leather jackets, find yourself a bomber-style bomber and allow yourself to wear as many layers as your heart desired beneath. Winter is a layering season, so ensuring your coats and jackets are not too tight is something to take into consideration.


Wool Blazer

If you want to look like Tommy Shelby this season, now is your chance. Wool jackets are hot this season and are the item that you just have to try. Wool jackets are not for the faint of heart who prefer looking casual; ideally, they should be worn in more professional environments. If you want to show up and show out, styling your wool jacket with a smart hat, tailored trousers, and shoes will make you look like the most sophisticated gentleman of the season.


Crew Neck Sweaters 

A toasty favourite, crew neck jumpers are another staple to consider having in your wardrobe before it gets too cold. They are a universal essential that you can style during the most casual events, or you can layer one with a smart shirt beneath for your everyday working environment. Crew necks are ideal if you are looking for a piece that can be used every day, and they come in all different shades and patterns. If you are looking to keep it cool, go for a charcoal grey, soft cotton-style crew neck.



A Gilet is a fashion favourite during the winter months. They are versatile jackets that can be layered and styled throughout the whole year. Contrary to their appearance, they keep you toasty even though they are sleeveless. Different brands like Fradime produce various designs, but a puffer gilet without a hood is the most fashionable and favourite of this season. Go for tones such as black, blue, or beige, and add some colour through a thick jumper beneath which will protect your arms from the frosty air. Gilets give you the benefit of feeling free, whilst also compressing all your warmth within the thick, waterproof design.


Aviator Jackets 

Aviator jackets, also known as bomber jackets are the perfect, casual wear jacket to bag this fall. They are the ultimate timeless piece that will never go out of style. Originally made for aviation (pilots) during the first world war, it just goes to show how significant these styles of jackets are and what a great investment they would be. The thick material will keep all the warmth possible within its materials, and it is made to withstand freezing temperatures if you have the money to spend on the best quality bomber jackets. 



Men’s gloves can be a grey area and thinking of them as a staple fashion piece is often neglected. Gloves can top off a winter-style look, and finding the best quality gloves is just one way to achieve this. The best gloves are usually leather ones, with the interior lined with suede. Keeping your hands safe from the winter forces can be fashionable whilst preventing any kind of winter flu, take advantage of this!


Big Chunky Coats 

Move-out-of-the-way cropped jackets, and longline coats are all the craze this winter for both men’s and women’s fashion. A longline, puffer coat is the perfect clothing choice if you are looking to be protected from the winter forces from head to toe, whilst looking like you are a fashion boss. Longline coats can come in different styles, for example, you might opt for a trench coat, or you perhaps would prefer a more casual puffer coat to conceal you from the cold. If you want to step outside your comfort zone, play around with your colour choice. Earthy green colours are one of the hottest colours of the season, so if you are looking to stand out find the colour that no one else has.


Military boots 

Suitable footwear is an investment that you should make this winter season for practicality and comfort. There is no worse feeling than making the mistake of wearing non-waterproof footwear in wet and soggy seasons. Poorly made trainers are just not going to cut it when trying to fend off the cold, therefore it would be wise to obtain military-style boots. Men’s boots come in various styles, but the hottest of this winter. Understandably you should avoid suede boots, and go for boots that will be durable and will last you some years. Splashing out some cash on these will be a good choice if you are looking for shoes that will stand the test of time. 


Crossbody Bag

The final winter essential that not many people have taken advantage of yet is accessorising your winter fit with a cross-body bag. Cross bodies are such a useful and versatile bag that can be styled with any genre of outfit. You can choose from a selection of styles, but the general style follows an adjustable strap that can be fitted to your body, a large zip pocket, and a small zip pocket to accompany it. Cross-body bags save lots of effort in carrying your essentials and keeping them in one place. With all the layers you will be wearing during these months, a smaller and handier bag would be a smart choice to make, and cross-body bags aesthetically pleasing too.