Wednesday 19 June 2024

Modern Bathroom With Classic Vanities – A Fusion Style To Look Out For

Do you hate to visit your bathroom every morning simply because its interiors are too plain and reflect boredom? Does your restroom reflect your poor sense of style? Then it’s high time that you correct it. The best way to add life to your bathroom is to add an element of surprise to it. Read this blog to know how classic or vintage vanities can give a fusion look to your bathroom and set a trend for your friends and visitors to follow.

Modern Bathroom With Classic Vanities – A Fusion Style To Look Out For

  1. Navy Blue And Gold Polished Vanities: Do you already have a decent classic bathroom vanity but don’t know how to place it in your modern bathroom? Don’t worry, here is a clever trick. You can try out color combinations that have classic tones. For instance, coat the bathroom vanity with navy blue color and embellish it with golden hardware. For a classic effect add a white counter top. For additional storage option incorporate surface- mount medicine and shallow shelves with oil rubbed bronze hardware. I can assure you, the result will be fascination and you modest bathroom will look more expensive and classy that you can fathom.
  1. Dresser Style Vanities: Those with large bathroom spaces in their home can try out this easy solution. Introduce a dresser-style vanity to and see how easily it will blend with the modern element in your bathroom. To bring uniformity in style, you can match the furniture style of the bathroom with the door of the room. Opt for cabriole legs to give the vanities their furniture style and use a soft monochromatic color scheme to complement the fusion theme of the bathroom.
  1. Lively Classic Vanities: Do you live in the countryside? Then let your bathroom reflect the lively atmosphere of the place while giving it a classic touch. Get hold of a two depth traditional handcrafted bathroom vanity and paint it in bright spring colors like light green or yellow. Accent it with a white marble countertop to add timeless contrast to the piece. For a fusion effect, you can add a graphic wallpaper that will add an element of surprise and cheer up the space.
  1. Vanities With Framed Mirrors: Make your bathroom look spacious with vintage vanities framed with mirrors. In your otherwise plain and light colored bathroom introduce a sense of class with two identical walnut vanities divided by a central makeup table. To boost natural lighting you can incorporate a trio of tall framed mirrors places above the vanities. The dark woods tones of the walnut will beautifully set a contrasting effect against light walls in the bathroom. Try out maple kitchen cabinets to bring the same effect in your kitchen as well.
  1. Vanities With Mixed Textures: Want to create a sophisticated look to your modern bathroom? Then nothing can work better than a vintage vanity with mixed textures. Experiment with the textures to give your wash room an interesting character. If your bathroom has marble flooring and tiles, get a vanity made of English bur oak to introduce a natural texture against smooth marble surface. To complete the look you can add neutral wall colors like cream, beige or soft gold.
  1. Simple And Chic Vanities: For a modern-meets-classic look mix a Shaker inspired bath table couple with ornate gold framed mirrors. This will look more of a collection rather than a thoroughly planned design. Enhance the clean and fresh look with brushed nickel faucets and marble countertops. You can out those with a traditional edge for a more embellished look.

Now that you know the ways to add life to your boring bathroom, what are you waiting for? Visit stores in your area offering Wholesale Bathroom Vanities.