Sunday 23 June 2024

Movie Person? 4 Tips For Setting Up A Home Entertainment System

Home entertainment systems have transformed significantly over the years. As the cost of HD TVs and cutting-edge audio equipment have plunged to a point where almost anyone can afford them, more and more people are decking out their spaces for audio/visual bliss. If you want to be one of them, here are four helpful tips to setup the ultimate home entertainment system:

Don’t Go Overboard on TV Size

It all starts with the TV. While premium 70-inch models are widely available for under a grand, sometimes bigger isn’t necessarily better. As a general rule of thumb, you should sit at a distance of two times the screen size of your TV when watching it. So, for a 70-inch TV, you would need to sit about 12 feet away for comfortable viewing. That’s a fair amount of space.

Ask Yourself What You Like More: Movies, Music, or Both

Any home entertainment system should be able to pump out crystal clear audio and amazing visual effects. However, you should consider whether you prefer watching movies over listening to music or vice versa when selecting the components of your audio system. Ideally, home theater systems should utilize five or more smaller speakers for an immersive surround sound experience. If you love music, however, you’ll be best suited with two hi-fi speakers instead.

Consider Going Wireless

Wireless systems are usually more expensive, but they’re well worth it. Not only are they a cinch to setup and tweak to perfection, but there is no cable to deal with and you can run everything from a single receiver and remote. It’s modernity at its finest.

Choose the Right Power Strips and Surge Protectors

There’s nothing worse than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a home entertainment system only to have it fried from a rogue lightning strike. To avoid this and save yourself a ton of stress, it’s important to protect your system with good power strips and/or surge protectors from a company like Americord or someone similar. No, that long green power cord with three plugs your mom drags out at Christmas won’t do. That’s only for convenience. You need serious surge protection.

Bottom Line

There’s nothing like a great home entertainment system. If you’re like everyone else, you spend countless hours in your living room, so you deserve to maximize your enjoyment of the space. Fortunately, with the right technology and advice, setting up a jaw-dropping home entertainment system can be a breeze.