Saturday 02 March 2024

New Light Switches: Affordable Luxury

If you ask most people on the street to tell you about their light switch, they may answer with something like, “you mean just a plain old light switch?” For them, this does not seem like much of a subject for discussion. After all, don’t all light switches look and function the same? What can you do with a light switch?

The answer is, “plenty.” In fact, a room can show just enough difference to attract attention with the right wall switches. Best of all, an upgraded light switch is a perfect example of affordable luxury. For decades, homeowners and business owners have probably taken their traditional light switches for granted. Traditional switch plates consist of that rectangular plastic wall plate and the boxy looking lever that turns the lights on and off. They have no curb appeal whatsoever.

Anything but Ordinary

It is not necessary to settle for something ordinary simply because it has been around for so many years. New technology and innovative design have produced some very attractive alternatives. New glass light switches are attractive and low profile. They have been described as “sleek” and are literally a touch of luxury.

These switches have a brilliant glass finish, with the plate set in a trim of chrome. The luxury continues with soft illumination at night so that the switch is easily located. Keep in mind that these are made of real glass. No imitations or substitutes here. In addition, the minimalist design will fit with the most modern décor or will serve without distraction in the most opulent rooms.

Light switches are available in single light, double, triple, four light, and five light options. The same leading makers of these switches also offer power points and USB access, with the same clean design and the same quality glass construction and appearance. As if that was not enough for a specialty menu, it is also possible to enjoy EU or AU glass data plates, dimmer plates, and fan controller plates.

Quality Components

With each item, the same great design and quality manufacture is evident. But what is behind the glass is just as important. The finest items in this line use only brass or copper for the components. This ensures long-term service and a great feel when turning the lights on or off.

One other element that will not be evident to the naked eye is the coating on each plate and switch that helps keep fingerprint marks to a minimum. This keeps the colour and clarity pristine. When it comes time to find a reliable supplier of these fine items, be sure to ask about the availability of colours, including white, silver, black, and neutral.

There is now ample reason to make the change to these luxurious but practical items. When great design is part of the interior plan, do not stop short with the light controller or switch. Whether in the home or in a business setting, these low-profile switches will be a great addition to the look of your rooms.

Find a reliable supplier and start a fascinating conversation about how these fine products can enhance your atmosphere and let you shine in more ways than one.