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Niche Marketing: It Can Be Done

Niche Marketing: It Can Be Done

There are some businesses out there that have products and services that are beneficial to an array of people, and then there are businesses that have a very niche product or service. Many niche businesses often find it difficult to determine how to best promote their product or service. After all, appealing to the masses is much easier than appealing to a small group of consumers, right?

Wrong. If you have a great product that only appeals to a very narrow market, you can still be successful and market with ease—you just have to be smart about it. Learn how to implement niche marketing by using the following tips.

Utilize Customer Testimonials.

Word of mouth goes a long way, especially when it comes to selling a niche product. When you sell your product to a happy customer, make sure you get some great testimonials from them and use them in your marketing collateral. You can add the testimonials to your website, to your print materials or to your social networks. By allowing your customers to see that other people enjoy your product, you’ll entice them to make a purchase.Niche Marketing: It Can Be Done

Know Where To Reach Your Audience.

When you have a niche product and a niche group of people that will buy that product, you need to know where exactly to reach them. For example, if you are selling a product that will medically benefit an elderly individual, you should try marketing your product in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and retirement homes. Why? Because this is where you will find your audience.

Invest In PPC Advertising.

Most of today’s consumers use the Internet to research products and services, and pay per click advertising (PPC) is a great option for those with a niche product. PPC advertising will place your ad in front of an audience that performs a search query (or visits a website) with similar keywords as your ad. This way, your ad will land in front an audience that is more likely to click on the ad to learn more, thus improving your visibility.

Try To Expand Your Reach In A Smart Way.

You always have the option of expanding your reach, but you need to do so in a smart way. For example, if you have a medical product for the elderly and you’re already marketing directly toward the elderly, why not try and expand your marketing to those in the healthcare industry that serve the elderly? You could also try marketing your product to the children of the elderly. By trying to expand your reach by targeting another audience closely associated with your current audience, you’ll find better success.

Really listen To Your Audience.

In order to determine your target audience and understand what type of marketing tactics you should be employing, you need to really listen to your audience. When a customer makes a purchase, talk with them a bit about how they heard about you, what they know about your business, and what they’d like to see from your business. If you don’t have time to physically speak with all your customers and ask, then send out an email questionnaire or conduct phone interviews. Asking these types of questions allows you to learn more about your target audience, such as age, gender, race, etc., and it also allows you to see how they heard about you (which marketing tactics are working). Plus, by asking them what they’d like to see from your business, you can learn about other marketing tactics to employ, such as social media or online advertising. Knowing this type of information will certainly help your business thrive when it comes to niche marketing.

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