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Online Shopping-Its Dramatic Effect On The Fashion Industry

Online Shopping-Its Dramatic Effect On The Fashion Industry

Fashion Triggers at 16

Have you ever imagined the two Bollywood movies, “Cocktail and Aisha” apart from their stories, actors, and music? Whenever I have heard these names, I could only recall the Fashion sense of a younger generation of girls these two movies portrayed. I am too impressed by the designer outfits women portray, that are elegant as well as being sexy at the same time.

Definitely, such movies are not the only two movies that have brought dramatic change to the Fashion Industry. Today, Fashion has evolved highly, all thanks to the various online shopping for women sites and is impressing every female from the very beginning of her teens. You can watch girls wearing the sexiest and the most fashionable dresses down the streets, on social websites and almost everywhere, which you would have watched in a movie or in a fashion magazine. Young Ladies are eager to buy and wear such dresses from online sites for girls which give them a different personality altogether.

What Teens believe Fashion is?

To be a teenager is to live in a parallel universe with the world of adults and children. It is said many times that it is hard to understand teenagers, sometimes they behave like grownups and sometimes like kids. But no one tries to understand that it is the teenage way and not similar to any other category of age group. They have their own vocabulary, rules, policies, jokes, and heroes. Their system of etiquettes, conversation styles and even their dressing sense is quite different from the rest of the world. Neither the so-called “sophisticated and responsible” adults try to fit in nor the “rebellious” youth invites them. How this age group dresses up, from where do they shop, what do they like to purchase and how they carry these things, all such questions have been triggered in my mind since I have started to know the youth fashion.

I think the crux to Fashion or we can say online shopping for girls is something that teens use to fit in well with their peers. They want to be known as the cool girl of the group and that initiates the whole experimenting with styles on latest women’s fashion collection. Some other interesting observations from my side that I would like to share.

  • I observed some young girls, asked a few in my neighborhood and the best medium was to look at the social networking websites and could figure out a few things about their dressing styles.
  • These folks are completely opposite to the current trends except a few. They are more concerned about what their peers are following too rather than what society adheres to.
  • They are a true lover of Colors. Wearing the primary shades (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow) are much more in demand than the Soothing White or the Royal Black.  They say they make them feel more mature and colors make them look more vibrant.
  • Their shoes and accessories are also colored and much more funky. They would prefer yellow or green shoes with red tees and blue jeans and maybe a yellow handbag on the side shoulder.
  • They are more inclined to music and dress as per the choice they listen to more. You will find a rock music listener with loose tees and bottoms with colored headphones on his head.
  • They are quite fussy for small detailings and which adults never look for even. Teens focus more on their hair, their cuffs of the shirts, the hems of their jeans or skirts, the wristwatches, and its matching color, the handbags they opt for and so on.
  • One interesting thing that I noticed in their dressing styles is that do not like too much clean things. They feel they will look odd one out if their shoes are polished or their shirt is ironed. They like things messy and this is how they look good in their style. Girls would avoid heels, rather wear shoes or flip flops, gladiators or any other sort of flats that would suit them best with their attires. They feel they do not have such parties where they feel like wearing heels.
  • Graphic tees, low rise flare jeans, funky wristbands, sneakers and a single anklet is what they like, their closets to be filled with, no matter from where they purchase, it’s all about if they can afford it, they will buy it.
  • Variety becomes the essentiality, repeating the same outfits look weird and makes them feel diminished in the society. Not having nice clothes means the end of the world to them. This is where the need to browse various online shopping sites for girls arises.

Experimenting with personal looks has become very important for the teens as they feel that if they are deprived of the latest trends, they will not be able to fit in.

           Making the best out of the available stock in the market or the fashion online shopping sites for girls, these teenagers seem to be more fashionable than the adults now. In fact, with the amount of research they do with styling, they can be good trendsetters themselves. These teens invent their own styles and aim at becoming an icon among their groups. 

Fashion Sense and Ideas

Well, the above-mentioned points sound quite surprising about these Rebels. But there is nothing to fear as they have their own class of Fashion sense and when they use their BRAINS, even the adults like to learn from them about latest woman’s fashion.

Young girls these days are really into fashion and love to look for new trends and follow them. They are experimenting with the newer styles and easily let go the many fashion rules and this is what makes them so interesting in their own way.They use fashion to exhibit their confidence and like to infuse their personal twists interestingly. This is the reason why there are so many hot and latest teen fashion trendsfor online shopping for girls.

Teen girls are the new trendsetters, they love to experiment, whatever is new into the market and are quite confident about carrying it off well. They infuse fab colors to their wardrobes, accessories, and hairstyles.

Online Shopping-Its Dramatic Effect On The Fashion Industry

Women are quite adaptive when it comes to their basic nature. Women’s fashion dresses is the result of her desire to be like her favourite celebrity.Most models in the magazines or television are wearing the latest styles by famous designers, this creates an impact on the manufacturers of woman’s fashion too as women everywhere want to wear the same outfits they saw.

Online Shopping-Its Dramatic Effect On The Fashion Industry

Online shopping for women, who love to indulge in Fashion, has grown tremendously over the past few years because their involvement with fashion world makes fashion industry think a lot about them and for woman’s fashion. When a group of teenagers sits together, it is likely they would talk about current fashion trends, who wears what, and what should be worn next.

Online Shopping-Its Dramatic Effect On The Fashion Industry

Women’s fashion sites bring distinction to trends and styles which are in vogue. When girls try something new they highly publicize it by posting pictures on social networking websites and making it viral. The social advertising media have a more powerful influence on women’s fashion dresses than they understand or acknowledge, since they donot want to be seen in the same outfit worn last week or an outfit they have already posted their image on, they shop more. This has been made easy to them by the various online shopping sites for girls.

Online Shopping-Its Dramatic Effect On The Fashion Industry

These sweet sixteens are leaders and not followers. They are quite free to follow their own rules of fashion rather than following what trend says. Their free thinking and attitude is quite obvious in their clothing. Wearing denim from top to bottom, combos of blue and black, wrinkled shirts and distressed jeans are all their ways of dressing themselves. It can be easily said that they classify themselves through the brands they shop from online sites for girls and it makes them feel like they fit in their social circle well.

Online Shopping-Its Dramatic Effect On The Fashion Industry

So being classy yet trendy is an easy job at a teenage level too. All these styles can be easily bought by online sites for girls. Just Pop in some ideas and get ready with OOTD:-

  • Add scarves
  • Military jackets follow
  • Collectible tees with distressed jeans
  • Avoid heels and choose sneakers
  • Add some sparkle to everyday basics
  • Ditch the sleeves
  • Layer and layer
  • Rock your favorite button up over a tee
  • Pops of yellow make it more fun
  • Flares are the hottest new denim trend
  • Stack your fav bracelets over jackets or sweater
  • Lace adds a girly feeling
  • Lip prints are fun and lovely
  • Knotting your shirts give you cool look
  • Heels make a casual weekend ready for a night out

So girls invest your money in stylish trends for the year and buy really some good stuff from the vast collections available, online shopping for womenand make it a trend to go.