Sunday 16 June 2024

Packaging Antiques For A Big Move

Of all the things which need to be packed away, one of the most difficult things to pack in the right manner is always antique furniture. As some of the most delicate items in the home, those pieces of antique furniture often carry a large amount of financial and sentimental value. So when you are trying to pack away pieces of antique furniture, figuring out how to best approach the situation can be tough and you will always want to be sure that you are taking the right amount of care. But what can you do to protect your pieces with packaging?

One of the most important things to protect against is scratches and marks. Due to the old age of these pieces, it can often be tough to find the best way in which you can keep everything safe and sound without having to worry about potential aesthetic damages. These marks are caused by the antiques coming into contact with other items in a rough manner. To protect against these, it can be essential to place some sort of protective covering on the items in question. While it might be possible with smaller items to use bubble wrap and similar, those larger items often cannot use these methods. As such, the use of blankets and dust sheets can mean that you have some protection on even the largest of objects.

Due to many older items being made of wood and the particular properties of this material, finding the right way in which to transport your antiques is often a case of making sure that they do not get too hot or too cold. Depending on hot you transport your possessions, it can be important to make sure that any packaging which you use such as boxes do not get overheated or too hot and do not cause wood to warp or bend.

When thinking about the best way in which to package your antiques, it helps to think about how they will be stacked or stored during the dependable experienced move. When placed into a lorry or removal van, strains and additional weight can be placed on items and this can sometimes cause damage. As such, it can be essential that your more delicate items are transported in a manner which does not put undue stress on them. Making sure to package in easily stackable boxes can mean that you avoid this issue, as can making sure not to stack too much on top of antiques.

For those who are really concerned about making sure that their most precious antiques are able to get to the new home in a best a manner as possible, one of the best options out there is to hire professional help. Doing so can mean that you are getting an experts opinion and skillset, ensuring that your antiques are being cared for in the proper manner. By taking the time to bring in the professionals, you can greatly heighten the chances of making sure that all of your antiques make it to the new home safe and sound.