Thursday 30 May 2024

Pay A Visit To The Best Eatries In and Around Delhi

Pay A Visit To The Best Eatries In and Around Delhi

Magic, mystery, madness. Welcome to Delhi, known as the City of Djinns, and 25 million people. India’s capital is bestrewed with the antiquity of lost empires. A progression of armies flounced across the Indo-Gangetic plain and printed their identity onto the conquered city, before vanishing into debris and ruin like the conquerors who preceded them. Modern Delhi is a topsy-turvy tapestry of medieval ramparts, dusty bazaars, Mughal mausoleums, mega malls and  colonial-era town planning.

Visitors sometimes leave Delhi disappointed, after ticking off the sights and scuffling with the touts. But give the city a chance and you might fall in love. It’s often the unknown corners that are most satisfying, such as Lodi Gardens at dusk, the qawwali at Nizamuddin or the great fort of Purana Qila. A suggested way to peep beneath the surface is to take the city’s tours, from a cycle tour along the Yamuna to a former street child’s view of Old Delhi. Navigating Delhi’s seven cities is made infinitely easier by its glistering, cheap and efficient metro. Delhi is accessible from every part of the country or outside, you can check the Bangalore or Hyderabad to Delhi flight fare in plethora of websites. Book yours now!

You can get to eat the cuisines you like right here in Delhi, and that too, of best quality. Feel like eating sashimi? You must go to Megu. For genuine Italian, go to Artusi Ristorante Bar; the price is equal to what you’d get anywhere in Tuscany. And the dim sum at Royal China could compete with those at any restaurant in Hong Kong. Foreign food is just one thing; to me what’s more exciting is the exposure of tempting regional cuisine–Tibetan, Chettinad, Bengali, Kashmiri, Naga, Parsi or Bihari. I think this alone makes Delhi the most happening food destination in India. Whether you’re looking for a place with an exceptional atmosphere or a desirable restaurant to astonish your date, a quick bite before a movie or tempting street food to fill that hole in your belly, our precious Delhi is the city to eat out in.

Al Jawahar

Culture is a lovely thing, especially when it allows culinary secrets to ooze down hundreds of years and gives us 21st century folk a chance to dine like the Mughals. Exactly across the gate to Jama Masjid in Old Delhi, this eatery that serves the secrets of how to char kebabs to excellence, creates the most amazing nihari and prepares a soft, yeasty, pleasing sheermal. Even Akbar would approve of the expertise and ability displayed by the cooks here in influencing meats to create the stuff of legend. You can even order a whole stuffed goat, if you order in advance.

The China Kitchen

All hail The China Kitchen for freeing Delhi from the chains of Chinjabi food. When this modish, contemporary Chinese restaurant started in 2007, it came as a breath of fresh air because it served authentic Chinese cuisine. You cannot be wrong with the Peking duck, double portions of the vegetable potstickers filled with mushrooms. These are two most authentic food eatries in Delhi. There are many other places of tourist interest in Delhi, but food is something you should never miss when in Delhi.