Tuesday 25 June 2024

PayPal Promising $10K Business Transformation

PayPal Promising $10K Business Transformation

PayPal is one of the organization that has been helping the entrepreneurs to start and grow up their business online easily. PayPal customer support members has revealed that this year the organization has teamed up with some of their partners to award three businesses that they believe have largest potential with over $10K and also a makeover of their choice. The detailed guidance related to this is listed below. So, just have a look!

The prizes

Candidates will be having the chances to win one price among the three prizes which will be given to the winners and that involves:

  • First prize will be of $10,000 cash from the department which will be transferred to winner’s PayPal balance.
  • One-on-one payment consultation with the experts of the organization that will involve the discussion of how PayPal Credit is offered, improving your payment infrastructure, and expanding to international sales, and others that will lead your business.
  • Priceless publicity involving being featured in the blog posts done by the organization on their official site and a video of the makeover experience shown on the official website and social media channels.

Selecting the finalist for the makeover

The authority members will select three finalists from each of the following category that is listed below:

  • Offline businesses searching to sell online.
  • New businesses analysing to grow.
  • The businesses who are already established and are searching to update.

Selecting the winners

A team of judges that will choose one winner from among all the finalists in each business category that is released above. The finalist judges involve the Dan Leberman, VP and General Manager of PayPal North America SMB, and JJ Ramberg, host of MSNBC’s Your Business.

How to win the makeover process?

All the finalists and the winners those who are willing for the same need to score the minimum points as provided below:

  • Business need (40 points)
  • Clarity of expression (20 points)
  • Originality and creativity (20 points)
  • Growth potential (20 points)

The entrepreneurs those who dream to grow and establish a business which is famous globally then it’s a great chance for all those people to apply for the makeover process released by the officials of the department and try hard to win it. The finalists those who will be at the top three positions will get the great rewards. Also, if you want to know more details related to the same then just dial up the PayPal customer support phone number. The customer service providers will guide you thoroughly for the same.