Monday 26 February 2024

Placing An HD Antenna

TV technology has moved on fast, and for many of us it is now time to upgrade to a High Definition Antenna that can pick up HDTV. This way, you will get the widest choice of channels, all able to be viewed in crisp and clear resolution. But where is the best place to install your antenna for maximum usage? Below are some tips on placing your HD antenna.

  • Where to Point Your Antenna

The main thing to do to receive the best signal is to place your antenna in the direction of where it is being broadcasted from. If you don’t know then it is best to contact a specialist antenna installer, and they will already have the information and will be able to point your HD antenna in the right direction. There are installers operating all of WA and the coast, who can install TV antennas in Mandurah and Perth, and other inland towns.

They will also understand the landscape better, e.g. if there are any high-elevation objects that might block the signal, and they’ll know how best to place your antenna. If you live in a built-up area with a lot of buildings, there is more chance your signal will be at least blocked, so it is important to hire some specialists installers who can place your antenna in the most useful place.

Placing An HD Antenna

  • Picking an Antenna

Selecting the right antenna depends how far away you live from the broadcast towers. You’ll need something that can receive HD frequencies without interruptions. If you live more than 50 kms from a broadcast tower you should consider choosing an antenna that has a full-size HD frequency cable cutter.

  • Where to Install an Antenna

Unfortunately, this is all a game of trial and error. However, professional installers are experienced in this so can advise you best. Here are some guidelines to receiving the best HD signal:

  1. On the side of your property that is closest to the broadcast towers – You will be better off trying to capture a direct signal.
  2. In a window — Make sure it’s on the outside of any metal fly screens.
  3. High on a wall —Higher is always better, but also try to avoid any obstructions.
  4. Outside — This is the obvious choice for many households. HD frequency antennas look better outside, they also work better. You can then usually connect it to your home’s existing coaxial cables, and then this allows the signal to be split into several different rooms. Any professional installer will be able to arrange the connection for you.

When placing an HD antenna, there are three main important factors to consider: where to point it, choosing the right one, and installing it in the right place. You must always point your antenna in the right direction; otherwise it is unlikely to work properly. Once you know where to point it, choose the correct model to receive the best HD signal. Then, you must install your antenna in the correct place. There are a few options, but generally outside is best in order to receive the best signal.