Tuesday 23 April 2024

Possible Problems Associated With Using Ink Printer Cartridges That Are Not Genuine

Possible Problems Associated With Using Ink Printer Cartridges That Are Not Genuine

There are 3 main forms of printer cartridges: powder, wax stick and liquid. The liquid ink will be found in the inkjet cartridges. Ink heads are used to regulate ink flow. Chemically created powder known as toner is used in the laser cartridges. When referring to the ink cartridges, we have manufacturers that always recommend that you buy just the cartridges that are manufactured by them. While the truth is that you can easily also use some cartridges that are not genuine, this can expose you to problems.

We always recommend that you buy the compatible or remanufactured cartridges only when you know that the manufacturer is experienced. For instance, you can easily trust Printzone and printer cartridges offered will always be great. Always consider trust as the main factor to take into account. If you do not know anything about the printer cartridge manufacturers and you buy cartridges that are not genuine, you may be faced with the really common problems mentioned below.

The Cartridge May Not Work

If the printer cartridge that you use includes a protection chip, you want to be sure that you get a model that either includes a new chip or a chip resetter. That chip basically tells the computer that there is no more ink present in the cartridge. Even if you refill that unit, the problem may still be present.

Printers Can Be Damaged

This is a problem that appears when the third party cartridge manufacturer does not properly respect either the chemical composition of the cartridge or the actual cartridge dimensions. The second situation is the one that can be particularly damaging. It is possible that you use such a cartridge and the result would be a damaged printer. You want to be sure that the remanufactured cartridges are created based on the exact recommendations of the printer manufacturer.

With the chemical composition problem, the difficulty lies in the fact that the product can end up dripping inside the printer. This would lead towards different problems as parts would end up malfunctioning. If such a problem is not identified properly, the printer can be damaged irreparably.


When a leak is present inside the cartridge, it is possible that the other colors will be compromised. If this happens, the quality of the print will be a lot lower than you may initially think. You have to be sure that you always opt for the cartridges that are manufactured by those that pay close attention to the really small details. Even microscopic leaks can lead towards such a problem so the experience of the person that remanufactures the cartridge is important.


These problems are common but that does not mean that you should only buy the genuine cartridges. If you manage to find a really high quality in the remanufactured or compatible cartridges, it is an option want to take into account because of the fact that prices are much lower. Even refill kits can be used if you are confident in using them.