Thursday 30 May 2024

Power Tools: Do You Know Their Prevention Measures?

Power Tools: Do You Know Their Prevention Measures?

Risk Prevention Use Electric Tools

Let’s talk about prevention and the risks associated with the use of power tools. And is that electricity is one of the most used energy sources today. Its use in a large number of jobs in all sectors is more than usual, but also involves risks that must be known in order to avoid unfavorable consequences.

To begin with, the risk of using best power tools is classified into two contact possibilities, direct and indirect. In the first, the person comes in contact with a par with electrical voltage, in the seconds, there is a failure in a fault in a receiver or accessory that diverts the electric current through the metal, a very good conductor of electricity.

What factors do we differentiate in an accident with power tools?

As for an electrical accident, the intensity of the current and the duration of the electrical contact directly affect it.

At an intensity of 0.5 mA (milli amperes) the individual “feels a tingling sensation”, there is the “threshold of perception”. At 50 mA, the “no-drop threshold” will be reached approximately 130 ms (milliseconds) of exposure to current flow.

Keeping the individual exposed to this current of 50 mA for longer until reaching 900 ms would reach the threshold of fibrillation, which causes ventricular fibrillation.

Other factors that may also have to do with the severity of an electrical accident are:

The resistance of the human body itself.

The path that describes the current.

The reaction capacity of the person.

Prevention measures to use electric tools

Those workers who use power tools, or the same electricians, who are exposed to high-risk situations due to the voltage of the elements with which they have to work.

For this reason, they carry out a series of protection measures and basic rules of use, which take them away from any danger of suffering an electric shock. We tell you below:

Do not manipulate any electrical element without disconnecting the power supply.

Power Tools: Do You Know Their Prevention Measures?

Always keep the body completely dry when handling electrical appliances.

Indispensable wearing shoes with rubber soles.

Do not install fuses with very high amperage, since this way we cancel your protection.

Before using an electric tool you must be trained in its use, know the details of its operation and should have received training, regarding the maneuverability of it. In any case, you must take into account the general considerations in the use of power tools and the prevention when using them that we have just given you.