Friday 19 April 2024

Power Transformers Exporters Share Some Tips For Saving Energy

The best way to save power electricity is to be smart and make judicial use of electricity. Power transformers exporters bring several useful tips that will help you in cutting cost of electricity bill and saving power electricity resource for future. You can follow these tips and adopt in your routine practice to save $500 or more every year, depending on numerous factors even the size of your home.

Power transformers exporters

  • Turn off the lights if you leave room

There is no point of running the fan in an empty room where no one is present. It is better to switch off the lights of the room when you leave.

  • Don’t switch on extra lights

Unnecessary lights are a big cause behind huge electricity bills. You can save a lot while switching off these extra lights at your place.

  • Use natural source of light

A single south facing window has capacity to illuminate 20-100 times its area. When you switch off your 60 watt bulb for four hours every day, you save about $9 each year.

  • Make use of task lighting

It is better at times to switch off the ceiling lights and use table lamps, under counter lights and track lighting in work and hobby areas and in kitchens. This will save your $6 per year.

  • Don’t shower for long

Hot water bath is expensive. If you cut the shower time by a minute, you can save $15 each year. Excess of hot water will make your skin dry too.

  • Turn off the tap while shaving, brushing teeth or washing hands

This will reduce your hot water usage by 5% and you could save $21.

  • Fix hot water leaky faucet

You can save up to $33 each year in energy costs by fixing a hot water leak in the faucet.

  • Unplug unused electronics

Standby power can consume 10% of an average household annual power electricity use. It is always better to pull out the cable of your microwave, laptop charger, TV, and other things that are not in use.

  • Replace your desktop with laptop

If you can work on laptop then buy one and stop using old desktop. Desktop consume more power electricity.

  • Recycle or giveaway old TV

Your old TV consumes a lot of electricity. Even if you are using it an hour every day, that 42” LCD will cost you $8 each year.

Follow these tips and adopt them in your routine practice. Ask for more of such tips from Power transformers exporters and get instant expert assistance. Don’t forget to feedback for this story. Tell other readers how you feel about conserving electricity.