Thursday 30 May 2024

Powerful Control Functions Of Video Conferencing System

Now, video conferencing has become the world’s most advanced means of remote communication, many enterprises are inseparable from video conferencing.Then, what control functions does a video conferencing system have? Here, we look together at:

(1) Voice Activation Mode

This mode means that when the number of places to speak at the same time, MCU will be selected from the highest level of the signal, that is, when the speaker speech, the sound of the largest conference site, and then its image and sound signal broadcast to other meeting points.

At the same time, in order to prevent unnecessary interference caused by the switch, in the set MCU, you can also set the time interval for sound switching to ensure that the video conferencing system in the use of time, is smooth and efficient.

(2) Continuous Attendance Mode 

Continuous attendance mode is the video window for multiple regional division at the same time a number of places for the effect of video.

(3) Speaker Mode 

The speaker mode means that the main speaker can see everyone else in the other screen at the split screen, and everyone in the other venue can only see the speaker alone.

(4) Moderator Control Mode

This mode means that the conference moderator can freely switch the meeting screen to see the various places, full screen or split screen can be controlled, but also free to switch any place video.

As mentioned above, the video conferencing system has so many control functions, then the specific operation of the video conferencing system, it will not be easy to get started?

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