Tuesday 23 April 2024

Pre-production of live broadcasts: Technical requirements

To transmit a unique moment and share it with your followers, you need at least a mid-range mobile (cellular) that can connect to 4G / 4GLTE networks and have a sufficient data plan to meet the demand for live video.  But that’s not all nowadays. In fact, companies use specialized cameras for their broadcasts nowadays. PTZOptics is a company based in the US that manufactures live streaming cameras and video conferencing cameras. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. If you are thinking of live streaming or broadcasting, here’s what you will need.

Close all other applications before opening the application for live streaming. This frees up the cell phone memory to focus only on your transmission. You should also disable notifications, to avoid interruptions and vibrations in the video. However, using a mobile phone isn’t a reliable option. Instead, it’s best if you opt

Three professional tips:

Use a tripod or stabilizer. There are adapters to place the cell phone or a mobile phone on a tripod. In the case of stabilizers, there is a wide range that you can check here. You should consider using one in order to prevent the footage from shaking excessively.

Use a mic. There is no worse situation in which you watch the transmission, but you hear very little or hear very badly. If you are going to interview someone, I recommend a micro-wired but wireless or cable-free (check if you need a TRRS to TRS adapter). There are many in the market. If you are going to broadcast a concert or event, you can buy a directional mic, but you have to select one that captures audio perfectly. Increasing the audio quality of your broadcast will make you look like a professional, and above all, your audience will thank you.

Put your cell phone in airplane mode. In many cell phone models, such as the iPhone, your transmission will be cut if a call comes in, which will interrupt the experience of your audience, ruining your transmission. Remember also that if you receive a message of WhatsApp, text, or even a notification, your cell phone will vibrate, which can also be annoying, so it is essential to close all applications and disable notifications. It’s recommended that you use a direct live streaming camera instead.

Should I hire a professional team?

It depends. You should check your budget and the feeling of the event to be transmitted. It also depends on your brand and your experience with live streaming, as well.