Saturday 25 May 2024

Prepare For Lightning Before It Happens With Earth Networks

Prepare For Lightning Before It Happens With Earth Networks

If you love to be outside, you will want to make sure a threat of lightning does not ruin your next event. Check out the wide variety of inclement weather products and technology that will keep you ahead of dangerous conditions. Earth Networks wide range of products will help you know when lightning is coming, which can offer more protection for you and your family, and your property.

Lightning Detectors Help You Avoid Dangerous Conditions 

Lightning detectors will help you not only detect the prevalent strikes, but also the ones you will never notice. In-cloud lightning flashes are a strong indicator of extreme weather, including hail, heavy rain, and even tornadoes. Advanced analytics and visual capabilities improve lead time to identify storm cell growth.

With the lightning detector you will be able to have strong and accurate warnings when lightning occurs. You can customize your lightning detector to send notifications on your smart device.

Emergency Weather can be Spotted with the Right Alert System

An emergency weather alert system is built to do more than measure lightning strikes. When you have the right alert system, you will be notified when you have extreme heat and bone-chilling cold. You will be able to have data that you can use to better protect your family, business, and property.

You will need this inclement weather technology regardless of your business. If you work in the agricultural business, this will give you information that will help you better monitor your crops. Even amateur and professional sports teams can use weather technology, not only in game preparation, but when they are trying to keep fans safe in the event of a lightning delay.

Emergency weather does not have to cripple your long and short-term plans. The best weather alert system will allow you to detect incoming lightning, blistering heat and brutally cold conditions.