Monday 27 May 2024

Pro-Care For Hair: 5 Top Tips For Terrific Tresses

We’ve all made styling and hair-coloring mistakes in our lives, and usually know what works best for us, but sometimes we accidentally do something unflattering with our hair. Because let’s face it: nobody’s perfect, and sometimes it’s hard to be objective about one’s own appearance.

We also physically change as we age, which can make a style that once looked great become less-flattering as the years go by. Changing hair trends can also render a favorite ‘do no longer appropriate, necessitating a new look or color.

So how can we be sure to make smart hairstyle choices that flatter and fit us perfectly?

Pro-Care For Hair: 5 Top Tips For Terrific Tresses

Read below about some of the top mistakes people make, how to find a suitable style, and how to avoid looking like a hair-don’t:

1. The Wrong Style

When you find the right haircut for your face, you know it. Compliments from others about how great it looks, and how much younger you appear are clues that you’re on the right track.

A professional stylist will also be brutally honest if you give him/her permission, which you should, because the pros have no reason to lie. They have experience with multiple hairstyles, and know what works best.

If you are uncertain about a new hairdo you’d like to try, or nervous about making the leap, consider buying a wig in the style you’re contemplating and wearing it for a while to see if it suits you.

2. The Wrong Texture

Girls with curls often want straight hair, and sometimes straight-haired ladies covet the waves. But all hairstyles don’t look the same on every hair type. Very thick or thin hair can also make a desired cut a no-go.

This means we have to face reality: if we have curly hair and we’re craving that cute, short ‘n’ straight haircut, it’s not going to look the same. A flat, short bob on a straight-haired woman will poof up into fluffy waves on a curly-girl, and unless you want to spend hours struggling with a straightening iron, you’re fighting a losing battle.

So stick with hairstyles that are realistic for your hair’s particular texture, and again, your stylist will be able to assess whether or not you can pull off the new hairstyle ideas you bring in very quickly.

3. The Wrong Products

Using the wrong products for your hair type or style can make hair look heavy, greasy, crunchy, or simply not give you the effect you’re seeking.

For example, on someone with very thin hair, using gel or mousse can actually make hair look thinner or stringy, even if the product promises to add volume. And hair wax is great for creating a spiky rock-and-roll style, but if too much is used, hair can start to look in need of a good shampooing.

Excessive use of chemicals can also damage hair, so try to choose natural, gentle products, and a style that is easily achieved with the hair you’ve been given.

4. The Wrong Hair Color

In general, when trying to achieve a natural look, it’s not recommended that you try to pull off a hair color more than 3 shades lighter or darker than your natural hue. So if you were born blonde and you want to go light brunette, keep it as close to your birth shade as possible, and vice-versa.

It’s also important to choose the right tone. If you have very golden hair or skin, whatever color you choose should be in the same family, and someone with a cool natural hair and skin type will need to keep this in mind when dyeing or bleaching hair.

And most importantly: Don’t ignore the eyebrows. The fastest way to ruin what should be a flattering new hair color is to have eyebrows in a too-dark or too-light shade. Eyebrows should be only slightly darker than a new hair color for a natural effect.

5. The Wrong Era

The big hair and giant bangs of the ‘80s may remind you of some of the best years of your life, but it’s time to let that dated look go. Same goes for the ‘60s pageboy you rocked in your youth that used to give you a feminine, gamine vibe, but now looks like… well, a pageboy.

Sometimes a hairstyle will come back into fashion, such as the long, straight ‘70s hair we’ve seen on the runways over the last few years, with waves and flowers currently enhancing the bohemian feel.

But if you you’re old enough for your cut to be a carryover from the era in which it was first popular, you may look like you’re stuck in a rut. Change is fun, so find a potential new ‘do, talk to your good friends, and consult with a stylist about taking a refreshingly different hair direction.

The right haircut can make you look younger, flatter your best features and face shape, and make people see you in an entirely different way. Use the tips above to make sure you’re wearing a style that lets you look like the beautiful person you are on the inside just as lovely on the outside.

Nicole Tolliver is a professional blogger that is always providing readers with the latest in hair style fashion. She writes for Wigs Depot, a top supplier of hair extensions, human hair weaves and machine weft hair for all styles and lengths.