Sunday 19 May 2024

Pros and Cons Of Different Fences

Our homes are our kingdoms, and like all good kingdoms, it helps to have the borders well defined.  Fences are perfectly suited to this role, but it takes some consideration to determine what will best suit our demesne.  Will it have the right appearance?  Will it serve as a defensible border? Whatever considerations you make when selecting a fence for your home, we’ve got some information here that will help you make the appropriate decision.

Aluminum Fencing – Low Maintenance, Middling Investment, Middling Resilience

Aluminum fencing is able to be used to suit just about any border and is able to be easily installed without the help of a professional.  There’s a variety of styles available, and its durable to the elements so maintenance won’t be a pain.  There is a higher initial investment and it doesn’t make a great privacy fence, but it will definitely tell people where your land starts.

Vinyl Fencing – Low Maintenance, Middling Investment, Low Resilience

Vinyl comes in a variety of styles with an equal variety of price points and has the benefits of having the twin traits of strength and durability.  It’s immune to the vagaries suffered by wood, with no concern for rotting or warping, and nor is it subject to the blistering effects often seen on other materials.  Even better, it’s essentially effortless to install, simply snapping together.  Of course, it’s more expensive than other materials, and extreme temperatures can often make the material brittle and subject to cracking.

Wood Fencing – High Maintenance, Low Investment, Middling Resilience

Wood is a classic, the imagined material when people talk about the white picket fence and certainly the most commonly considered for high privacy fencing.  Wood is exceptionally high maintenance, with constant checking for rot or termites being necessary, along with seasonal staining or repainting to ensure the wood is protected.  Make no mistake, a solid wood fence can take a beating and is cheaper, initially, than other options.  The cost can add up over the years of maintenance, however.

Wrought Iron Fencing – Low Maintenance, High Investment, High Resilience

Truly the king of fencing when it comes to a regal appearance and durability that will last, it comes with a kings pricing, however.  The durability and protection that comes with a wrought iron fence come with an additional installation cost, not many are up to the arduous work involved in setting it up without a professional.  While a yearly inspection for rust or chipped paint is necessary, that’s about all the maintenance this needs.

Lastly you could consider chain-link fencing, utterly utilitarian, remarkably easy to care for, it’s also easily surmounted and doesn’t stand up to direct abuse very well.  However, you won’t have to worry about it weathering, galvanization is an incredibly protector.  When you’re ready to install fencing, it’s best that you visit this site to consult a professional first, even if you end up doing the work yourself.