Friday 19 July 2024

Pros and Cons Of Internet Of Things (IoT)

Pros and Cons Of Internet Of Things (IoT)

This is basically a futuristic technology of devices in which the internet is proposed. This technology helps in the automation of your daily works. Here we will explain you how this technology works.

Just suppose some pros of this system here

  1. Suppose that your fridge can identify when you are out of milk, so it will automatically order the quantity from the store and it will also inform you about the picture via message.
  2. Just suppose your alarm rings at 6:30am, you wake up and switch off the alarm. As soon as you switch it off the system will automatically inform the geyser to heat up the water and up to the set temperature. It will also order coffee maker to prepare coffee for you.
  3. Suppose you are on your way to home from office or business and the app will automatically switch ON the AC and tune in your favorite TV channel and will also keep your door open for you just when you are entering.

How does it feel? It feels like heaven when even someone does all your work. This is not a fiction story; Internet of Things can easily do all these things for you. These internets of things can do all your daily works without any order. Not only humans and machines but, animals will also be connected to all these things. For example the fish in your aquarium will get food time to time automatically, your pet dog will get food time to time and so you can easily go out and enjoy your vacations without worrying. Many IT support Australia says this will be the new way of living soon.

This system is good and can work well. These devices will use sensors as brains and IP address as their names. IT Security Services Australia will let you more about this project. These IP address will work on IPV6 so that each and every system will work on a unique IP. The sensors used in these systems are completely micro electromechanical and so they can easily respond to the difference in temperature, sound, humidity, motion, light, pressure, weight etc.

Cons of IoT

  1. These systems need a good amount of intelligence in order to work well and so they can be a loop hole in security.
  2. Compatibility can be a big issue because in order to get the whole system we have to develop our whole infra accordingly
  3. If we start using these systems, technology will have more control on our lives and then we will become so lazy that we won’t be able to do anything in future.