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Pursue Diploma In Electronics & Telecommunication And Be An Expert



Electronics and Telecommunication diploma is a three years duration course. While pursuing the degree, students learn about the core concepts of magnetic fields, electronic networks, and devices, control systems, including computer fundamentals. It provides an opportunity to learn the implementation of behavior and influence of electronics that are useful in creating Frameworks, Gadgets, and equipment. To enroll for the course having 10+2 is the minimum requirement with aggregate 50% marks in the science subject.

The admission process to pursue a diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication:

Lots of technical institutes across India are providing Electronic & Telecommunication diploma degree. Some institutes are providing direct admission to the students. Those who are interested will have to approach a recognized institute and fill the registration form. Deserving candidates would be allotted with seats based on the score obtained in class tenth. It is mandatory for the students to have a background in Mathematics and Science subjects. There are even some Electronics and Telecommunication lateral entry Polytechnic college so interested candidates can do registration for them.

Career opportunities for Electronic & Telecommunication diploma degree holder:

Multiple job options are available for the diploma degree holders in Electronics and Communication. They are eligible to work in both the public and private sectors. Let’s have a look at certain job positions available for individuals, who want to pursue their career in the respective domain-

Electronics and Communication Engineer

The diploma degree holder has the option of pursuing a career in networking, communications, broadcasting, transmission, etc. This work of these professionals is mainly based on the amalgamating electronics, communication network framework including others.

Electronics Engineer

As the trend of engineering has got enough popularity, the leading firms are required to meet the requirements of the consumer market. The designation of electronics engineer has high demand in the industry and it is creating multiple opportunities for the individuals

Electronics Design & Development Engineer

It is one of the most applicable options for the Electric and Telecommunication degree holder. While working as an Electronics Design & Development Engineer, a professional responsible for the designing and development part.

System Control Engineer

The role of a System control engineer is not just to design the complicated systems, but required to do the testing of it. It is one of the main reasons that most of the companies want to hire these professionals.

Desktop Support Engineer

These professionals are required in both technical and non-technical company. It simply means that there would be ample of job opportunities for such degree holders.

Production Manager

A Product Manager makes sure that the manufacturing process can run reliably and effectively. They plan and organize the production schedules.


As mentioned, one can see the benefits of pursuing a diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication. Having such educational qualification can open multiple doors for an individual. It makes someone eligible to work manufacturing and IT firms.

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The Rajiv Dutt is an academic adviser having several years of experience. Through his post, he wants to guide the students looking to have a bright career ahead.