Sunday 19 May 2024

Refreshing SPA-procedures at hot countries

Earlier, SPA rituals were conducted only in specialized wellness centers, now they have become a popular service in beauty centers and beauty shops. SPA procedures are designed to solve not only the problems of our appearance. They act deeper, improving our state of health on the psycho-emotional level. The usage of the healing properties of water was habitual and natural even in the most ancient centuries. In our era of advanced cosmetics and plastic surgery, the demand for SPA-procedures, including water, does not leave its leading positions. This is understandable as the water has truly magical properties. It not only relaxes and refreshes, but also tightens and rejuvenates. Resting in hot countries, everyone wants to feel fresh. The list of the spa treatments below will help you enjoy your rest in hot countries. Spend your day in SPA without regard to the location of the beauty center, ordering car rental at

  1. Baths (with sea water, with mineral water, turpentine)

The simplest SPA-procedure, but not less effective and habitual for the citizens. There are many types of therapeutic baths – relaxing and toning baths; with seawater, turpentine or soda. Each of them has its own effect.

Depending on what result you want to achieve, you need to choose the one, which suits you. For example, baths with sea salt and algae extract not only help to get rid of excess weight and flabbiness of the skin, but also perfectly relax and soothe the nervous system. The water temperature during this procedure do not exceed 35-37 degrees C, and the duration is 15 minutes. After bathing, it is better to rinse with a cool shower and rest for half an hour.

Turpentine baths refer to therapeutic kind of SPA treatments. These baths are very effective for weight loss. Thanks to turpentine (a mixture of essential oils from coniferous trees), toxins are removed from the body, which means that cellulite and flabby skin disappear. In addition, the metabolism improves due to the expansion of capillaries and the normalization of blood flow. However, be careful: turpentine baths have contraindications. Therefore, before you immerse yourself in warm and fragrant water, consult a specialist. Moreover, it is better to come for a procedure to a professional medical institution.


  1. Charcot shower

This water procedure is named after the famous French neurologist Jean Martin Charcot. During this procedure, active points of the body are affected by jets of water of various capacities. Sensations are peculiar. It seems that thousands of small arrows pierce the skin. Painful and ticklish at the same time. However, such feelings are nothing compared to the result, which remains after several sessions. It strengthens immunity and at the same time rises your state of health and mood. As for aesthetics, you will get an elastic body and a tightened skin without a hint of the notorious orange-peel skin. However, you will see the result no sooner than after 10 procedures.


  1. Turkish bath

In fact, the Turkish baths are the same as the famous Roman “thermae”. The ancient Romans knew a lot about healing procedures, which include water. The Roman-Turkish steam room differs radically from the Russian one. Here the soft wet steam is in favor. Time flies imperceptibly; the body is completely relaxed and resting in the Turkish bath. In addition, pores are opening, toxins are leaving, the skin is cleansing and acquiring healthy color and tone.

The procedure works best, if directly in the steam room, a relaxing massage is made. When you are leaving the Turkish bath, freshness and lightness are felt throughout the body.


  1. Sauna

Unlike the southern, wet, relatively “cool” Turkish bath, the Finnish bath has a more serious character. The temperature in the steam room reaches 100 degrees C. The hot air slightly hurts the lungs, so breathe slowly and calmly there.

People, who often visit the sauna, note that thanks to this procedure, overall state of health and appearance improve noticeably. The sultry air opens pores, through sweat deducing all toxins, the metabolism is adjusted and you feel great. You can dive into the cool pool after a steam room and have a little refreshment. Moreover, even though the temperature in the sauna is much higher than on the street during the heat, you will always feel fresh outside, even if the thermometer shows +35 С.

  1. Hydro massage

The use of hydro massage is most often included in complex programs for weight loss and cellulite disposal. Do not confuse professional “water massage” with household whirlpool baths, which rather provide aesthetic pleasure, rather than a pronounced therapeutic effect.

After 30 minutes of hydro massage, the result on the skin is about the same as after the classical manual massage – it gets pink and hot to the touch, but without bruises and swelling. The main advantage of this water treatment is that you bask in warm water and the effect of the sprays is sparing, but very effective. At the same time, the effectiveness is equal to other types of corrective massage. You will need about seven water procedures to smooth the uneven skin in problem areas. However, you can do it once to relax the body and muscles after a busy day.

In hot weather, we are under the influence of aggressive ultraviolet, dry and conditioned air, an unregulated amount of salt from seawater. SPA rituals are like salvation for our body, face and hair. You can see each of these water procedures in the list of almost any SPA-center. It does not matter where it is located, within the boundaries of your city or in a foreign resort.