Sunday 14 April 2024

Remember 5 Things While Cleaning Your Computer

Many people have a good habit of cleaning their electronics on their own. It is a good thing because it will eliminate the dust from your gadgets and creates a clean and best areas on gadget to use. Coming to computers it is necessary to clean the internal parts of the CPU clean and safe. You may find some insects or heavy dusts in old pc in offices, net centers and in other areas. The bad stuff goes into the pc will create performance issues and also becomes a suitable environment for some insects. So it is a better practice to keep your CPU in clean mode, but if try to with over excitement things may go wrong, we have to be very careful while cleaning the internal stuff of the CPU.

Gentle with Components

Internal parts of the computer are so delicate, we have to handle them with so much care. When you remove components like processor, RAM, Chips, Hard disk and other make sure that you don’t hit any of them with hard force. If you’re unable to remove any part just try to untie them with gentle force but not harshly. Hold the removed Components with strong and safe hands, keep them away from the work place for safe.

Remember the Connections

Some propel overexcited to check their own pc parts and hurry to clean their stuff, but it will lead sometimes into confusions. When you remove the connection of various devices from the mother board and power supplier SMPS, make sure and double check the connection places, you shouldn’t forget the connection pairs and matching cases. If anything goes wrong, in some board you will find the names of ports written, but it some cases you have got manually again by checking all ports and possible connections.

Use Smooth Apparatus

To eliminate the dust particles from the CPU areas, use the dry and soft clothes. Do not use any iron pieces or hard material made apparatus to remove the screws and components, use a standard screw driver sets to operate, use smooth sponge type dust removers where you can’t use the dry cloth. If you find any dirt, clean it by applying a small amount of water by spraying. Use the vacuum cleaner if possible to eliminate dust from the smallest holes and areas from the CPU.

Eliminate Scratches

While cleaning the board components, use softer materials to clean them. There is a higher chance of possibility that the devices get scratched, so make sure that you are not going to make any scratches on any components. Some components contain the small circuits in, the board, when a scratch made on those circuit lines the device/components may become useless because the scratch can damage the circuit line, which ends the communication signals between the end ports.