Monday 20 May 2024

Renting Portable Toilets For Private Events

Portable toilets are generally used in a variety of situations. While work is proceeding on a construction site, the contractors have to make sure they provide adequate facilities to the workers on-site. This includes providing them with food, as well as setting up portable toilets.

Because construction work usually continues for long hours during the day, it’s important that to provide employees with toilets. Otherwise, the construction workers will have to take leave, and go to the nearest public toilets. Not only will this take a considerable amount of time, but it will also affect the contractor’s profitability.

However, portable toilets aren’t just used for construction sites. Instead, they are commonly rented by event organisers and managers, when setting up different events. Companies that offer portable toilet hire in Adelaide offer a number of options to their customers. Choices range from conventional duo or singular units, to five- or even six-star luxury portable toilets, which have a modular design, and can be set up virtually anywhere.

Below is a list of a few things that you should know about renting a portable toilet, from any private company:

Consider Your Needs

If you are hosting a private event, with only a handful of guests, you don’t exactly need to set up a long line of portable toilets, outside. If this is a private dinner, or gathering of an exclusive group of people, you should consider choosing luxury toilets. These are modular units, and can be set up within a short time, virtually anywhere, throughout the city. Before you think about renting portable toilets from anywhere, you have to first consider your needs, and then determine which ones the most suitable for the type of event.

Renting Portable Toilets For Private Events

The Event Duration

The costs of renting a portable toilet will vary, depending upon the type of toilet you choose, and the duration of the event for which the toilet is needed. Most events do not run for more than six hours at most, so that is the least number of hours for which you can rent the toilet, from any company. However, if it’s an all-day event, or a workshop that spans over several days, you will need to rent the toilet for a longer time period. This will obviously cost you more money.

Once the basic toilets and sinks have been set up, the company will also set up a hydration station, as well as catering sinks. Some toilets also include showers, as well. If you want to rent the toilet for a longer period of time, you will also need to contract the company for emptying, and servicing, the toilets.

The waste is collected in a separate tank, which will be taken and emptied by the company, at a proper disposal site. Renting a toilet is pretty easy; you can simply place an order through the company’s website. You will receive a call from one of the company’s representatives, who will confirm your order, along with the address details. The portable toilets will be transported, and installed, on the specified date and agreed upon location.