Tuesday 27 February 2024

Residential Pool Fencing For Safety, Privacy and Curb Appeal

Pool Fencing

Nothing can be more wonderful than having a swimming pool of your own at the backyard. Relaxation at the end of the day, or playing with your children and pets can become real fun if you have one. But keep in mind that the job does not end with its installation. You do need to install a pool fence around it as well.

If you search online you will see that there are various manufacturers offering pool fences of various patterns, materials and serving various purposes. If you are thinking of contacting one of them, don’t delay but make sure that you have done your part of the homework pretty well. Take a look at some of the major points which you must be aware of.

  • Material and their characteristics: You will get multiple options in terms of material when it comes to swimming pool fencing. Some of them are mentioned below along with their characteristics.

Glass pool fencing – A glass fence requires regular cleaning and maintenance and can get damaged because of natural calamities. Although, it suits all kinds of home, be it traditional or contemporary. But, if you need privacy and do not want to toil in order to take care of them, it is better than you avoid this material for pool fencing.

Aluminum pool fencing – Ornamental aluminum pool fences are a great option for safeguarding the toddlers and pets as well as for increasing the aesthetical value of the outdoors. Easy to maintain, sturdy and available widely, aluminum is a popular choice among homeowners when it comes to pool fencing. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Wood fencing – For maximum level of privacy, you should choose wood fencing. But it can be really expensive. Another disadvantage is that they can twist or wrap with time, because of climatic conditions.

These are three of the most popular material used for pool fences in Australia.

Local regulation: Pool Fencing in Melbourne is a serious issue because every year, many pets, children and adults lose their life because of lack of pool fencing. If you check online, you will see that different cities of Australia have different sets of rules for this particular safety measure. But there are a few rules which are common across all the states.

  • The average height should be above four feet.
  • There should not be any wide gaps in between the fences. The gaps should be narrow so that no toddler or pet can get squeeze themselves in.
  • There should not be any major gap in between the end of the fence and the ground so that no child or pet can get inside.
  • Preferably, it will open towards the outward direction.
  • The gates should be self-latching and self-closing.

Make sure that the company you have chosen for this installation is aware of these norms. And yes, don’t keep any climbing objects like pots, stools or chairs near the fence. The main purpose of the fence is to ensure safety and security, and thus you need to a little conscious of these factors.

  • The cost of the fence: Swimming Pool Fencing in Melbourne depends on the coverage area, i.e. the size of the pool and the material used for the fencing. Other determinants are:
  • The installation cost is one of the major determinants.
  • Number of gates in the fence is also a factor.
  • If the site has a slope, the labor costs will increase. Apart from slopes, if the installation is to be done on soil and not on concrete, then also the cost will increase.
  • The height of the fence is also considered while calculating the cost.
  • If you install tear proof mesh fencing, then also the cost will increase.

Now, you know the major facts about Pool fencing in Melbourne. So don’t delay anymore and contact a reputed company installing fencing around your beloved backyard pool!

Author Bio: Joana Gomes is a lifestyle blogger, and here she writes on some of the major facts which you need to know before installing Pool Fencing in Melbourne. Contact a reputed manufacturer at the earliest.