Monday 22 July 2024

Ridiculous Things That People Think About SEO

Years ago, people prioritized so much on SEO, but many already think that PageRank doesn’t matter as it used to. This is a ridiculous thing and in reality, PageRank is still a top factor that people should consider when they are planning to rank high in Google search results. It is true that there are hundreds of other metrics other than PageRank. This causes many SEO professionals to stop caring about PageRank. They believe that as long as they are doing something right, it will result in higher PageRank value. In reality, it is ridiculous to think that we should neglect PageRank. Many websites that are operated properly have zero PageRank because they don’t bother to look for inbound links.

It is also ridiculous to think that Google Analytics is actually a tool to spy on people. They may believe that NSA and other intelligence agencies are working with Google to gather information about everyone. Google Analytics is one of the most popular tracking and monitoring tools. Because it is so common, many people start to think that all their behaviours are being tracked. In reality, our personal information is safe, especially if we are careful not to put any essential information. Data that are being processed by Google Analytics are actually anonymized, we don’t see individuals, and we only see numbers.

Many people believe that they should work on SEO only after they have finished the website. In reality, SEO is an essential part of online marketing and like any good marketing effort; it can be started even before a company is officially launched. It is possible to start our SEO program before the official release of our webpage. The most important thing is that we already have titles, meta tags, good navigation, proper layout and some basic content. SEO can work concurrently as we are building our website. Also, we should know that search engines can our website immediately after it is live, so it is better to start our SEO program immediately, because Google could already crawl it.

It is a common fact to avoid buying traffic or links to boost SEO performance. But, some people still think that they should buy tweets and likes to help their site performs better. In reality, many websites are selling followers, likes and others to make themselves look more credible. These services can be quite cheap. As an example, we only need to pay $10 to get 10,000 likes. However, we should know that this practice isn’t worth the money. They are usually consisted of fake accounts and bots. There will be zero social activities, although we have thousands of likes and followers. Worse, it is possible that Twitter and Facebook will ban our account if we suddenly get too many followers and likes. SEO effort should be performed naturally and it is important to make sure that everything we do will be seen as proper acts by Google and other major engines.