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Role Of Surge Arresters In Protection Of Electrical Circuits

Role Of Surge Arresters In Protection Of Electrical Circuits

In every electrical network, there are many things to consider making sure that all the components within the network are safe and secure from any threat from outside or inside the circuit. There are many threats to the components of an electrical system, and one of them is power surges. Power surges can cause great damages to the components and electrical appliances; hence it is necessary to provide adequate protection to your electrical network from power surges.

Power Surges

Power surges are caused due to small transient currents that are developed in an electrical circuit as a result of external lightning or switching within the circuit. These transient currents can cause serious damage to your electrical network and its components. In order to protect your appliances and components, you need to install a power surge arrester in to your electrical network.

Surge Arresters

Surge arresters are sophisticated equipments that are installed in every high voltage electrical network to protect it from the transient currents developed within the circuit. The power or lightening surge arresters absorb the transient currents and send them to the ground saving the components of an electrical circuit.

Compaq Polymeric Surge Arresters

Compaq offers a wide range of polymeric surge arresters, which are designed and manufactured to comply with the international quality and working standards set by IEC 6099 and Indian Standards IS: 3070. The Compaq polymeric surge arresters are made from the best quality raw materials, which provide you long life and sturdy function of the products.

Role Of Surge Arresters In Protection Of Electrical Circuits

Design of Compaq Surge Arresters

There are four different parts in a Compaq polymeric surge arresters namely FRP tube, Metal Oxide Varistor, Silicone Housing, and Insulating Bracket. The FRP tube core is designed to provide the best dielectric properties and high mechanical strength. The Metal Oxide Varistor is made from Zinc oxide to ensure best stability and reliability of the products and can be considered as the heart and soul of the surge arrester. The Silicone Housing is a superior compound with the perfect blend of high quality materials such as silicone to ensure the best protection from Ultra violate and excellent hydrophobic properties. The Insulating Brackets are meant to provide extra support and insulation from the ground to the arresters.

Performance Data of Compaq Surge Arresters

Here are the details of the working range of performance of Compaq surge arresters.

  • System voltage                                 – 05-36KV
  • Rated voltage                                    – 0.5-33KV
  • Nominal Discharge current         – 5KA-10KA
  • High current capability                 – 65-100KA
  • Short circuit (pressure relief)     – 40KA

Salient Features

The Compaq surge arresters are light weight and very easy to install. They provide you the best electrical performance and long service life. The silicone housing has good hydrophobic properties, which protect them from any moisture and other environmental factors, which make them ideal for installation in the highly polluted environments.

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