Thursday 30 May 2024

Sativa vs. Indica: What Every Beginner Cannabis User Needs to Know

When you start to peruse cannabis dispensaries in your area, you might notice that in most cases, the types you can purchase are divided into two main categories. Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are two primary categories that most users can look at for benchmarks. Beginners can use some of the highlighted differences to decide which type might be best for their needs.

Relaxing or Getting a Boost

In most circles, the two primary types of cannabis tend to produce polar opposite physical effects in people. While research into the hard science of cannabis is still ongoing, most sellers will start the selection process by asking about the physical effects a person needs or wants. Indica tends to act more like a sedative and can help someone calm down or relax. Sativa may have properties that make it a more invigorating choice and can provide a boost of energy. Note, however, that the chemical makeup of each strain and an individual’s biology are huge factors when it comes to the effects each plant can have.

Different Effects for Different Strains

All indica and sativa plants have varying levels of chemical compounds. The ratio of these compounds gives the growers and retailers some understanding of the effects the plant will produce. Some sativa strains often show higher concentrations of THC. THC typically helps cannabis users relieve symptoms such as nausea and will make one feel hungry or stereotypically high. Indica has a higher concentration of CBD. CBD doesn’t produce the high, but it can help someone alleviate pain, stress, and inflammation. These factors can help someone choose from available recreational cannabis dispensaries.

Differences Between the Plants

Beginners may want to know about the physical differences between the plants themselves. While this might not be the most important factor when doing your cannabis shopping, cross-breeding has made it more difficult to spot which plants are which and can have some impact on the effects you get with your choice. Hybrid strains contain some genetic materials from both types, and this fact may inform a person’s choice. Indica plants are short, dense, and tend to have leaves of dark green. Sativa plants are taller, have narrow stalks, and produce leaves that are usually only light shades of green.

Indica May Help With Sleep

Due to its usual high concentration of a compound called myrcene, indica tends to be what experienced users recommend if you want help combating insomnia. However, beginners might want to try an indica strain with a good mix of both THC and CBD to start.

Both Cannabis sativa and its indica counterpart can have benefits depending on an individual’s situation or preferences. Trying both types may help someone decide which type works for them. You can also speak to professionals at recreational cannabis dispensaries for suggestions matching your personal interests. Knowing some of the major differences between these two categories should help many newcomers begin their explorations into the uses of cannabis.