Tuesday 23 April 2024

Screen Sharing Modern Way Of Troubleshooting

If you want to hold a virtual meeting using screen sharing, or perhaps you want to remotely access the desktop of your colleague and help him fix a bug, you’re going to need a proper tool for both situations.

Screen-sharing services offer a variety of applications for both personal and professional use. It’s helpful in many ways, such as

  • You need to share a slide deck,
  • You want to help someone troubleshoot a technical issue or
  • You’re giving a presentation to your department,

A number of services offer these features for a monthly fee and Resolve Screen Sharing is one of them.

Screen sharing technology is still a relatively new thing that isn’t used by a wide number of people. However, as more and more employees are beginning to work at home or from different office locations around the country and even the world, screen sharing has become more important than ever.

What is it?

Quite simply, screen sharing is the act of sharing your desktop with another user, who is operating another computer. In most software, this other user can then control your computer remotely, or they can simply just view your actions on the screen.

This technology can work beyond geographical barriers, given that the two people using it have a proper internet connection. Whether you are an employee at the office in Toronto and you need to see the screen of your co-worker in San Francisco, or you are tech specialist needing to help a customer set up something on their computer, screen sharing is a great way to help connect people and get things done more efficiently.

Basic Purpose of Screen Sharing

Remote training and troubleshooting are the most helpful attributes of screen sharing. Now, employees can be in any location and can still collaborate and learn from other co-workers and colleagues from any location. Additionally, customers who need assistance with using new software, working through technical problems, or changing settings can use screen sharing to have an experienced computer technician help them.

Who Uses Screen Sharing

This technology has been used irrespective of the nature of work and profession. But following people use it more often than others:

  • Network administrators; in order to troubleshoot networking and internet issues of their subscribers
  • Webmasters; site managers, especially those running e-commerce sites, often run troubleshooting activities to remove hanging issues. Sometimes, they need to work with service providers and credit card companies to update their websites.
  • Online travel managers; in order to install or update travel management/reservation software on their computers.
  • Programmers, developers, designers; they normally use screen sharing to discuss share project’s status in real time.

Apart dedicated services and software, you can also free screen sharing services online. But these services may not offer the high level of security like dedicated services. It depends upon the kind of work you do. If you’re a team member and are required to collaborate with your peers more often than not, better get a proper paid service.