Saturday 25 May 2024

Search Engine Optimization Keyword Strategy for 2017

Google is the number one search engine and everybody wants to rank high on it. And there is nothing wrong in that, but in order to rank high on Google, you need to figure out how does Google work and how can you crack the algorithm to get on top. A simple way of doing so is building trust. By understanding the method by which you can ensure that 2017 is your year to get at the top and remain there for a long time.

  • Focus on Keywords

Keywords are the essential part of the Search engine optimization. There are two kinds of keywords, long tail keywords, and short tail keywords.

  • Short tail keywords

Short tail keywords may not be able to give help you in ranking high, due to the stiff competition on Google. There are not more than three keywords in the short tail type of keywords and on Google it is extremely difficult to rank with short keywords because of the heavy competition. Google is already in the practice of displaying relevant content for short tail. But again, who is stopping you from trying your hand at it. If you succeed at getting ranked with short keywords, it cannot be any better.

However, the best or rather the safest approach is using the long tail keywords. In this approach, proper and complete phrases are used to depict or replicate exactly what the organic search comprise of.

  • Long Tail Keywords

Before you venture into Long tail keywords, you need to perform some brainstorming for preparing a list of long tail keyword traffic. Moreover, Google provides a host of fancy tools for designed to assist you in making the list. In Spite of this, people do not invest their time in this crucial step.

Let us take an example to explain what this brainstorming must include. Let us consider that your company deals with cloud computing solutions. Now this venture is a B2B type, but it applies to equally well to the B2C set up. Imagine if you hear that all the companies are entering into their cloud versions. The first step that you take is going to Google and typing in the search bar something like ” How to get my company into cloud version?” Now you as the owner of a cloud computing website may not have the road as easy as it is in this case. In order to mimic the what your customers think or talk like in their conversations, you need to follow the same process that your customers go through.

Now things come down to the original question, what should you write to rank your cloud computing business above others on Google or any search engine. In the first step, you need to decide which are the topics that are related to the industry. This includes figuring out what can add value to the search and what can lead to selling the service or product you provide should come after that. Then comes the step where you decide the level at which you can provide the services. That also means that you consider the size of your own company, whether it is a large-scale organization or a medium sized enterprise as a lot will depend on the size when you will classifying your target audience.

By investing sufficient time, you can find out the exact keywords or phrases that you want to set as your SEO Services artillery.