Friday 21 June 2024

SEO Outsourcing – Checklist To Follow Before Signing Contract With SEO Company

Are you facing trouble in attracting right online traffic? Is your company’s online presence not good? The solution to these problems is SEO of your website. Search engine optimization helps your website to rank higher in search engine results and get more traffic and leads.

Selecting the right SEO Company is a crucial decision and need substantial investment. There are so many companies making tempting offers and promises. While the selection of a reputable SEO agency can help your website ranked higher in search results, an unethical/black-hat SEO firm, on the other hand, can make your website get penalized by search engines.

To ease your selection process, we present a checklist you should follow while hiring an SEO company.

Strategy to improve Search Engine Ranking of the Company

A reputable company will first perform an SEO audit of your website, then they will perform competitor analysis and based on these two reports they will tell you the right SEO strategy for your website.

Beware of agencies that will tell you that they can provide you lots of backlinks and link building is all that is important in SEO. Make note there are many factors that contribute to the ranking of the website. Apart from link building on-page optimization, blogging, and social media is also important.

Go for the companies that provide high-quality bank links. As one link from high authority domain worth more than 100 weak backlinks.

How soon results can be seen

Search engine optimization is a long-term mode of digital marketing, results can’t be seen overnight. It takes months to improve ranking. Stay away from companies that promise significant result in few days or weeks as they might be using black-hat SEO practices.

Analytics and Marketing Reports

Choose the company that is fully transparent about their work and send regular in-depth reports. The company should keep you in the loop about the changes they are making to your website. Stay away from the companies that refuse to regular checking-in.

Work handled by an Individual or Team

Ask the company who will handle your project, a team, or an individual. Ask the qualification and experience of team/person.

Experience of Company

Ask the company if they have any long-term clients and how long are they in the field of SEO. The answer to these questions will tell the reputation, trustworthiness and legitimacy of the company. Company with many long-term clients like SEO firm Singapore indicates that they are producing right results and they are following white-hat optimization practices.

You can also check customer’s feedback about the company online. It will help you a lot to narrow down your list of SEO companies to hire.


Before signing anything ask the company about the duration of the minimum contract. Also, ask what happens if you are not satisfied with the services and want to terminate the contract.

The suspicious agency will try to sign a long-term contract while the legitimate company will offer you contracts of different lengths.

Search engine optimization is important to increase your ranking in search engines. Search for companies that are up-to-date with latest SEO practices and can bring success to your business.