Sunday 19 May 2024

SEO Tips On Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

With people shifting towards smartphones, Google has decided to shift towards mobile-first indexing. This makes it extremely important for the website owners to bring valuable changes to the website. The SEO changes to make the website mobile friendly can ensure the quality ranks and traffic in the changing scenarios.

According to the experts from a reputed professional seo company in Indiamobile-friendliness has become a basic need for websites these days. Hence, the article shows you a few methods for making your website impress Google with a mobile-friendly approach.  

  1. Make the pages ready for mobile: The design of the site pages looks different on different devices. The small size of the mobile devices requires the special changes on the pages. You need to prepare your pages in a responsive manner, so that, they can fit according to the size of the devices. Also, leverage the Google tool in order to ensure the mobile-friendly nature of your web pages.  
  1. Ensure the site speed and load time: If the page takes any more than 3 to 4 seconds to load on mobile devices, don’t expect people to wait. In fact, Google takes the page loading speed very seriously. Hence, you need to go through the page speed insights provided by Google and focusing on making your site speed and load time according to the guidelines. Get rid of the slow response of the pages on mobile as well as desktop versions. 
  1. Don’t use Flash: You need to avoid the use of Flash for animations. If required, you can use HTML 5 and other technologies, but the Flash-based content is a big no. It harms the mobile friendly approach of your site. 
  1. Choose the fonts wisely: The font selection affects the user experience and the loading speed of the page as well. Hence, the fonts need to be standard and have the size that looks comfortably readable on mobile devices. If the reader has to zoom again and again, then, it is not a good sign for your website. This can affect the long-term loyalty of the readers, which decreases the traffic. And ultimately the decreased traffic sends the signal to Google that your page is not fulfilling the requirements. So, Google starts dropping your rankings in the search results. 
  1. Keep the images optimized: The optimization of the images is very important. On the mobile devices, even a little larger size of the image can cause trouble in loading. This can harm your quality pages for no reason at all. Hence, you should invest a few hours and optimize all the images for the mobile devices. 
  1. Check your web pages on mobile devices: Finally, you need to check your pages on mobile devices. Make sure that every page is able to open on the mobile device. If not, then check your robots.txt to find the issues.

Google is changing the game this year. Hence, it would be wise to have the experienced seo expert company India by your side.