Saturday 22 June 2024

Serrapeptase – Safe, Natural and Surprisingly Powerful

The way in which the herbal health supplement market of today is lighting up with thousands of new serrapeptase products would make you think that the human race had only just discovered the stuff. In reality however, serrapeptase was first stumbled across around 40 years ago and has in the interim years been tried, tested and tried again in order to assess just what it can do. It was clear from the start that those exploring the properties of serrapeptase were onto something special and so it proved, as with each passing year we’ve learned a little more about its potential and its beneficial effects on a range of conditions and ailments.

Serrapeptase – Safe, Natural and Surprisingly Powerful

As the enzyme is extracted from silkworms, it is 100% natural and deemed almost universally safe for use in human beings. Despite still being seen as something of a new arrival in the west, the Far East has been using and relying on serrapeptase for quite some time now and is largely credited with exposing some of its most marvellous properties. Luckily for us, the west has finally begun catching up which is why there are so many more serrapeptase products on the shelves than ever before. The benefits of serrapeptase are no longer a secret and in an age where more people than ever before are turning back to herbal remedies as an escape from the dangerous chemicals more commonly used, there’s really never been a better time to dive right into all the wonderful things this organic compound can do.

So, with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown of just some of the benefits serrapeptase has been directly linked with in testing:

Blood Clot Prevention

When put to the test against varicose veins and blood clots, serrapeptase showed incredible promise and with absolutely no risk of detrimental side-effects. In areas of the body where plaques are more prone to collecting on the walls of the arteries and building up to form harmful clots, serrapeptase was proven as able to help remove and prevent the build-up of these plaques and thus help prevent clots from forming in the first place.

Reddening of the Skin

Skin redness can be a wholly life-affecting condition for those suffering from chronic cases – a condition which despite decades of research can still be very hard to effectively treat. Interestingly however, serrapeptase has shown remarkable promise when put to the test against skin reddening, reducing the severity in the majority of patients and wholly eradicating symptoms in others. Again, all of this can be accomplished with no adverse side-effects and the lowest possible chance of allergic reactions.

Recovery From Traumatic Injuries

It’s not to say that serrapeptase has silver-bullet healing properties in its own right, but when used in patients that have suffered from some kind of traumatic injury, recovery times have taken a notable dive. As such, it’s common to find those that have recently had surgery or been affected by some kind of injury being pointed in the direction of serrapeptase, which can be used alongside standard medicines to speed up the healing process.

Pain and Inflammation

Anyone suffering from prolonged pain and inflammation for any reason at all would probably like to find something that worked at least as well as standard NSAIDs though without the harmful side-effects. Again, this is an area in which serrapeptase has proved to be surprisingly effective as while results vary in accordance with the condition, some have found serrapeptase to be even more effective than standard over the counter pain meds. With the potential to reduce pain and inflammation by up to 50%, it’s always worth giving serrapeptase a shot for your body’s sake.


Another area in which serrapeptase has been tested is that of common infections, such as those affecting the ears, nose or throat. The compound plays an active role in thinning the mucous that needs to be removed in order for the infection to be overcome, speeding up the healing process and generally reducing the severity of the symptoms experienced by the patient. And once again, it does all of this with nothing but 100% safe and natural ingredients.

Allergy Relief

Last but not least, those who suffer from common allergies – cats, hay-fever, dust mites etc – may find at least some relief in serrapeptase. Though results vary from case to case, some have found that taking serrapeptase on a regular basis was far more effective than using antihistamine medication as prescribed by their doctors.