Tuesday 28 May 2024

Shopping For Fashion Online – 6 Rules To Live By

Shopping online for clothes isn’t exactly what you’d call a particularly new phenomenon. In fact, it’s pretty much taken over as the new standard for millions of men and women alike all across the United Kingdom. Some may have taken longer to warm to the idea than others, but the endless advantages of shopping online are slowly but surely hitting home with the public in general.

But at the same time, just because vast swathes of the population are shopping online doesn’t necessarily mean they’re getting it right. According to the experts at Outwar there are one or two (six actually) very simple rules which, if followed at all times can make shopping online for clothes both successful and enjoyable without exception.

Shopping For Fashion Online – 6 Rules To Live By

So for those looking to get the very most out of their online shopping ventures, here’s a quick rundown of each of these six web shopping rules to live by:

1 – Be Wise with Size

First and foremost, everybody knows these days that what is listed as a size 12 in one store could quite easily be closer to a size 8 or a size 16 in a different store. As such, taking things for granted isn’t necessarily a good idea when shopping online for clothes – especially when looking to buy from a new brand for the first time. Mercifully, it’s usually pretty easy to find out exactly how the store in question handles sizing – see what other customers have had to say about them, or ask them directly. What’s more, be sure to take your own measurements into consideration and don’t take the risk of ordering anything you’d effectively need surgery to put on!

2 – Keep the Tags on

Policies vary, but these days quite a lot of brands doing business online have a tendency to be extremely strict when it comes to what you can and cannot send back. In some instances, unless it goes back in the plastic wrapper complete with all original tags and not a single speck of dust on it, you’re pretty much stuck with it. What this means is that you may want to consider keeping the tags on for at least a day or two, as you probably know how normal it is to wake up 24 hours later and realise you don’t like something as much as you did the day before. Keep the tags on until you are 100% satisfied.

3 – Beware Bargains Binging

A quick point but an important point nonetheless, never fall into the trap of diving headfirst into all manner of bargains and specials, simply because they are there. The very nature of online clothes shopping is such that sales and special deals are available literally all year round, meaning you really don’t have to buy a great deal into all those ‘limited time’ and ‘once only’ offers.  Keep your wits about you and invest in the items you really want, not just the items that are on sale.

4 – Go Indie

With such an extraordinary array of independent clothing stores and underground designers now doing their thing online, it would be nothing short of a tragedy to limit your shopping only to established brands and High Street chains. You have to remember that if something from a big brand retailer catches your eye online, chances are it has also caught the eye of millions of others as well. As such, you’d be far better off checking out what’s available on the indie scene and rocking something a little rarer.

5 – Overlooking Returns Policies

Back on the subject of returns, try to make sure that before you even consider investing in anything from a new retailer for the first time, you check out their returns policy in full. It’s pretty much inevitable that sooner or later you are going to find yourself with something arriving in the post that for one reason or another really doesn’t do it for you. And when this happens, you’ll probably be glad you shopped with an online retailer with a fair returns policy, as opposed to one that really doesn’t want to know about it.

6 – Check Feedback

Last but not least, one of the best ways of finding out the inside scoop about any fashion retailer before actually spending any money with them is to do a little research and find some feedback. These days, consumers are not exactly in the habit of keeping quiet about their true feelings when it comes to the shops they spend their money at, so chances are you won’t have any problems finding a few recommendations to go on.


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