Monday 22 April 2024

Should you give your children smart phones?

Well, you know this is a question that might have different types of answers. But again, most of the people feel that after a certain age your kids must have a phone. The world is so much digitalised these days that nothing is possible without phone. The phones not just get the options and chances to the kids but they help kids develop in myriad ways.

Next level learning

There would be next level learning once there is a phone with your child. Once you know that your kid is quite responsible now, you must hand them a smart phone. There is no need to go for an expensive one you can simply go for Android smartphones that are affordable and reasonable… these phones would be really exotic and uplifting. Your child can watch all the Maths, Physics, English or other educational videos on his or her phone. They can enhance their knowledge with the help of a personal phone. Moreover, if they are stuck in something because of lack of vocabulary they can easily get the meaning online on their phone.

Comparison is dangerous

It might be unfortunate for you to hear but these days kids do a lot of comparison. If you would not give your child a smart phone, he or she might feel offended and sad. After all, everybody has a phone today and they communicate through phone applications and chatting platforms. What if your child compares her or himself with other friends and feels inferior? Such a feeling would not just spoil their time but also attitude and behaviour. They might feel sad and even deprived off.

They can lack behind

Most of the children communicate by technology these days. It is the reason that you have to hand your child a smart phone. You have to make sure that he or she has a phone that enables them to stay in touch with their friends. If you think that you would give them an old style non-digital phone then you would do more harm than any good. You have to make sure that you give your children smart phone that can run the advanced applications of present time. There are many chat platforms wherein kids communicate and have discussions. If your child won’t have the phone he or she might lack behind and fail to become a part of their social circle or school scarce. Of course, you would not want your child to stay alone right?

Moreover, it is not just about conversations and chats that the kids hold these days; it is about overall development too. When the other kids are learning so many things and advanced technology with phones, why should your child lack behind? You have to ensure that he paces with the change and grows in life.


Thus, if you have an excuse that you live in Africa and you don’t have good phone options then shun that thought. You can get excellent Smartphone made in Africa that is imposing and absolutely effective.

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