Tuesday 27 February 2024

Simple Reasons A Notebook Or Diary Is The Perfect Corporate Gift

When you are choosing a corporate gift to send to staff, a client or company, it is important that the gift chosen is right, otherwise your money and efforts will indeed be wasted.

There are a huge variety of standard gifts sent to clients, which tend to be the ‘easy’ option and the ‘safe’ option. And there’s good reason for this. Sending a client perfume or chocolates or other items that can be very individual in taste, can be very risky and often, not well received. The best way to approach corporate gifts is often to stay safe with what you choose unless you know the person very well. But that doesn’t mean the gifts have to be boring, they just need to be very high in quality, and if possible, individual to the person.

Simple Reasons A Notebook Or Diary Is The Perfect Corporate Gift

A notebook or diary is the ideal corporate gift, here’s why:

It Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Sometimes, the standard corporate gifts can be boring, however, they don’t have to be boring. The right company will be able to tell you how you can take a simple product like a calendar or a notebook and make it special. Perhaps you could have the notebook made with luxurious materials like leather, have it embossed in gold leaf, or simply have the recipient’s name and job position printed on it. It doesn’t have to be boring, you just have to use your imagination and collaborate with the printer to make it exciting.

It’s Always Useful

Notebooks and diaries are always useful. Diaries will always come in handy, no matter how many apps or programmes we have to keep us organised – most of us like a little pocket diary to keep with us, because there’s something pleasurable about jotting plans down on paper that you can touch and feel. Notebooks are also incredibly handy because they allow us to write down plans, thoughts, ideas and notes easily. And that’s the key to a good corporate gift – making it useful. Friends and family will happily accept thoughtful gifts, because they are friends and family. But within business, the thought can be lost if the gift isn’t useful, or if it is too individual.

You Can Place Your Branding Within It

It is likely you will place some branding on the outside of the notebook or diary, to ensure you’re thought of whenever the user looks at the notebook, or whenever visitors see the notebook. However, it is important you also brand within the notebook or diary as well. In a notebook you could place your logo in the corner of each page, and within a diary you can place important public events (related to your company) on the diary pages. For example; perhaps you have an annual conference or networking event you could print on the planned dates inside. You could also place special offers on your products within the diary if you know when those special offers are planned to come out. So if a client who buys your printing products has received a diary from you, you could print on specific dates within it that you are offering all clients a certain percentage off orders.

It Can Be Created In Bulk

If the gift is for everyone in your company, or everyone on your client list, it can be created in bulk for very reasonable prices by Allan & Bertram. This means that it’s a good general gift that is useful to everyone, can be branded and individualised easily by you, and it will be cost effective because you’re purchasing it in a large order.

It’s A Gift!

Everyone likes to receive something for free, so even if they don’t want a notebook or diary from you, they will automatically feel grateful and like they owe you loyalty because you have given them something for nothing. Just remember that the gift represents your company, so don’t skimp on quality. Like business cards – would you rather have something limp and easily folded represent you? Or something strong, tactile and attractive? Go for quality every time, it’s a worthwhile investment. Just remember you’re doing something nice, even if it is for business purposes, and the recipient will appreciate the sentiment.