Monday 15 April 2024

Simplify Your Learning With Technology

Your grandfather may have told you how he walked to school for long miles in barefoot under hot scorching sun. But with the onset on technology in education sector, the learning has been simplified. Gone are the days when students have to tote bags packed with books. Technology has helped to engage students beyond text based learning clubbed with manual instruction. Incorporating technology as a versatile learning tool has changed the way of learning.

With technology, it is now simple to explain complicated concepts by demonstrating it through videos, graphics and animation. It has been proved that e-learning helps to retain a concept in memory for a longer time. Technology has the potential to remold the learning process, but the most pressing question in ‘HOW?’

One of the best ways to learn today with a blend of technology is through e-learning. E-learning helps to capture audience’s attention due to the interactivity and provides an atmosphere for the audience to completely absorb what has been merely seen or heard! There are many factors which shows that technology has simplified today’s learning process.

  1. Adaptive learning

A learner has the freedom to study at his/her own pace. With no restricted time limits or preparation conditions, a learner is bound to concentrate better which in turn enhances the knowledge. Learning loses its essence if it is done to merely to score well! With adaptive learning, thorough understanding of a concept and its applications are learnt by the learner.

  1. Engaging

E-learning is very engaging and helps candidates to grasp well. The variations shown in e-learning like videos, graphics, animation or voice-over generates student’s interest making them keen to learn more. Explaining of concepts through e-learning is beneficial as textual explanation is boring and not student’s have the same thinking abilities.

  1. Tough concepts made easier

While few concepts/topics are easy to explain through experiments or other ways, not all concepts can be explained the same way. Few require to be explained through a working model. But with e-leaning, virtual images/models can be shown which helps in better understanding of the concept. Whether its UPSC Exam or any competitive exam like JEE Exam, or AIPMT Exam, all the complex concepts can be easily cleared. Many medical colleges teach their students Anatomy with virtual 3D models, which is the best example for e-learning.

  1. Saves time

In the present busy world, it is cumbersome for students to manage school/college with demanding schedule. But with e-learning, the entire learning console is available at your fingertips. A candidate need not worry about going to coaching class or try hard to manage time. E-learning saves time as it is adaptive and can be studied anytime-anywhere.

  1. Personality enhancement

Each of us, is a unique learner with unique talents and skills. Similarly our learning abilities aren’t’ the same. Few students can instantly understand a topic whereas a few need almost a fortnight to understand the same. With e-learning it is possible to go through a topic multiple times until it is understood well.

At Byju’s, we highlight the importance of e-learning as technology has simplified the way of learning. Students can give their best only when they understand what has been learnt and its application. Byju’s provide the best platform for students who are preparing for IAS exam by specially designing our learning module which is adaptive and student friendly. With Byju’s, come fall in love with learning!