Monday 22 July 2024

Sleeping Paraphernalia That Will Make You A Clinomaniac

Are you someone who has a hopeless habit of being late? Is the cause always too much snuggle time in bed? If you found yourself nodding at those two questions, you may be a certified clinomaniac, or someone who has an obsessive love for sleep. Clinomania comes from the Greek words clino and mania, which mean “bed” and “addiction,” respectively. It’s a real clinical disease that you’d be both lucky and unlucky to have.

Don’t worry, you’re not to blame for this. No one is. Sleeping is a relaxing activity that not everyone can fully enjoy. You, on the other hand, can enjoy it very well—maybe all too well. You have an edge over 50% of the population, who claimed in a 2010 survey that they feel tired a few days of the week due to a lack of sleep.

There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself every once in a while, and what better way to make yourself happy than to indulge in innovative sleep materials that will make your sleep experience even more comfortable and relaxing? Here are some of the impressive things that you can find in a clinomaniac’s bed.

A Bed that gives Insights about your Sleep

Sleeping Paraphernalia That Will Make You A Clinomaniac

We’re only a decade and a half into the 21st century and someone has already invented what is possibly the smartest bed in the planet. This bed can monitor your sleep patterns and even the external elements around you as you sleep. It has built-in biometric sensors that track your heart rate, breathing cycles, and movements so it can give you an accurate sleep report in the morning. It can even mold itself to your comfort by changing its level of firmness. This bed is obviously not your regular memory foam mattress. It even uses a certain kind of technology that can access your other accounts in the cloud. It knows when you have an important appointment that you have to get ready for. It can even identify the weather and the temperature outside. This bed is perhaps every clinomaniac’s best friend.

A Bed that you can Zip After Use

Sleeping Paraphernalia That Will Make You A Clinomaniac

It’s a surprise that this bed wasn’t invented much earlier. No one loves making up their bed in the morningno one did and no one ever will. That’s why when this innovation came out at last, all of humanity (or at least the sleep-loving community) rejoiced. This bed is a foam mattress in every way but one. Instead of a coverless top, it has a cocoon-like cover that can be zipped when not in use. If you don’t already know the purpose yet, it is to hide the crumpled sheets and blankets so they won’t be an eyesore to visitors. This isn’t just one of the more innovative beds for people who love to sleep. It’s especially perfect for people who don’t like wasting five minutes every morning to make up their bedand that means everybody.

A Sleep Pod that can give you a Massage

Sleeping Paraphernalia That Will Make You A Clinomaniac

If you’re a sofa bed person more than a mattress person, the vibrating sleep pod is for you. No, it’s not exactly like a sofa bedit’s not even closebut it’s way better than any sofa bed there is. This vibrating sleep pod uses other relaxing elements like soothing sounds and gentle lights to aid the mind and body in transitioning into a tranquil state that invites sleep. It even has a pulse sensor that tracks your heart rate to match the lighting with your mood. Using a panel, you can also regulate the temperature inside the pod. And most importantly, you can get unlimited massages every night because the pod releases gentle vibrations that will leave you relaxed. This sleep pod should be in the hall of fame for beds for clinomaniacs.

A Pillow that is Designed Specifically for your Knees

Sleeping Paraphernalia That Will Make You A Clinomaniac

Knee pillows are not a new concept, yet it seems like no one has heard of them. If you sleep on your side with no pillow between your knees, you may suffer from neck and shoulder pain when you wake up. Your legs are naturally not aligned together when you sleep on your side, so you need a support between your knees to level them out. A knee pillow will not only improve your sleep posture but will also boost your blood circulation. Most knee pillows are made from memory foam, but those that that are hypoallergenic and inflatable usually use other materials.

A Pillow that Plays Relaxing Music

Sleeping Paraphernalia That Will Make You A Clinomaniac

Who says a pillow only needs to be soft and fluffy? Apparently, you can now make your pillows singand not in the annoying way that some dolls with a “press me” button are made. This particular music pillow is carefully designed to create non-intrusive music that will alter your brain signals to soften your thoughts and make sleep more welcome. This pillow produces gentle and relaxing vibrations that are based on the natural conductivity of the human body. And the amazing part is that only you can hear these vibrations and this music. Doesn’t that make this musical pillow even more special?

Bed Sheets that don’t Absorb Body Sweat

Sleeping Paraphernalia That Will Make You A Clinomaniac

Nobody likes waking up with a literal wet blanket wrapped around them. It just makes you forget the nice and peaceful sleep you had the night before. Wet and sticky blankets are especially notorious during summertime. If you sweat excessively, sweaty blankets must surely haunt you like the plague. Luckily, there are certain types of cloth that don’t absorb body moisture. Blankets and bed sheets made of satin, for example, can control moisture better than polyester or flannel. Percale can give the same cooling effect.

A Mat that Cools your Body

Sleeping is more comfortable when the environment is cooler. If a cooling system isn’t enough for you, try a portable cooling mat. You will feel its cooling effects directly because it’s closer to you. You can put a cooling mat over or under your bed sheet. If it’s the gel-based kind, you can guarantee a full heat dissipation since the gel distributes your body heat evenly. This gel cooling mat technology is a real innovation. It’s not only useful but also convenient. It’s a product that clinomaniacs would be happy to stuff inside their bags for quick naps.

Sleeping is undeniably an important part of our lives. The mere fact that we spend a third of our lifetime in peaceful slumber should make us think twice about ditching every chance we have to get a proper sleep. The innovative products mentioned in this list can improve the way you approach sleeping. Use them to experience bliss in your non-waking moments.