Saturday 24 February 2024

Sleeping Yourself Thinner on a Futon Bed is now a Thing

Want to lose weight? Then sleep better and more. Or sleep on the Japanese bed!

This might be the strangest you heard, call it a fitness advice or a better sleep suggestion. But like before, scientist from University of Chicago have proved this through studies that improper sleep could ‘hormonally handicap’ you from losing weight and staying healthy (of course).

Precisely, inadequate amount of sleep can disturb the natural sleep pattern which in result affects your fat burning hormones. So if you’re hitting the gym every day, running on treadmill for an hour, lifting weights, and still not getting there. It’s time you start practicing the art of strategic sleep on a futon bed.

Why we say futon, there are numerous health benefits and reasons that support a good sleep on this. For now, let’s learn how sleep can help you lose weight:

What is Strategic Sleep? – The Sleep Details

As such there is no solid definition to the term ‘strategic sleep’: it does not require a scientific understanding, just a comfortable bed that allows you to sleep well and a commitment for carrying on the same routine (the cycle of same hours).

Sleep is not only significant for staying healthy but for staying fresh and functional as well. It’s by far the most effective rejuvenating tool created by nature. Numerous studies have shown how our recovery-boosting Growth Hormone is accelerated during our sleep. Sleep is the time when the immune system perks up, defends our body against diseases, and heals us.

The Studies which Support Fat Loss

Leptin (fat-regulating hormone) was found by scientists in 1994. This hormone has a great impact on everything from the fat we store to our appetite. It also acts central in controlling the appetitive behavior – significantly known as master leptin that masters your appetite, body fat, and cravings.

Researchers at University of Chicago conducted a study on 12 healthy men from age 22 to age 30. They closely monitored their calorie intake, hunger, and appetite during the course of two days of ‘restricted sleep’ and two days of ‘extended sleep’.

The results showed that the two days when the subject was restricted (4 hours of sleep), the leptin level dropped by 18%. However, leptin increased in the body by 23 % on increasing the appetite and extended sleep hours. Here the increase in appetite was majorly because of calorie dense food, with high concentration of carbohydrate.

What else was reported was that along with increased leptin there was also an increase in a hormone called ghrelin. It has been named now as the ‘hunger hormone’, is produced by the stomach, and signals the brain for being hungry or full. Depending on how well you sleep, and what is the sleep pattern of your body, you will eliminate every bulge of your body.

What Does This Mean?

Thinner people are fonder of their beds! This has been supported by study and finding which was conducted on more than 1,000 pairs of twins. The discovery was: shorter sleep hours linked directly to increased body fat. Also, scientist found that sleep deprivation has dropped greatly by 1.5 hours a night which directly is the cause of obesity.

What Does a Futon Bed have to do with Sleeping Batter?

Just how adequate amount of sleep is important in being healthy and weight loss, similarly to acquire that sleep, a good bed is required. According to the kings of health and freshness and well beings –Japanese – the principles to all this is minimalist lifestyle and that includes a simple floor bed also known as traditional Japanese bed.

Authentic Japanese futon are handmade and have 100% cotton inside which adjusts perfectly to the body temperature, leaving it sweat free during sweltering hot days and warm during the cold days. Thus, there is no waking up in between the sleeping hours, a good sleep throughout. Futon mattress is not soft and commonly known to be firm which as per sleep experts is the perfect kind of mattress to lie on.

It keeps the body in correct posture and alleviates it perfectly – the head and neck inclined rightly with the rest of the body. Moreover, futons are best suitable for people with allergies. So, now get yourself a good quality futon, switch off the alarm clocks, understand the art of strategic sleep, and let your body come back to hormonal harmony for a slimmer look and healthier you!