Friday 19 April 2024

Smart Automation Applications Built Using Big Data

Big Data is just more than Data and its four Vs of empowerment. Today, Big Data Analytics is driving not just IT and Cloud industry but also hundreds of other technology industries.

If you are enrolled with a Big Data Analytics course in Bangalore, here are top smart automation applications that you can choose as your next money minting endeavor.

Smart Homes

Big companies making hi-tech consumer appliances for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, recreation and outdoor are slowly investing their resources to build ‘Smart Homes’. What are Smart Homes?

These are efficient, energy-saving automated home appliances that run on wireless connectivity and feature top-end Internet of Things applications. Today, there are only 50,000 smart homes in the world, to which Belkin, Haier, Philips and GE provide most resources.

Wearable Devices

An extension of Smart Home applications, wearables are powerful devices that you can ear as a head piece, ear bud, glasses, watch, arm band, or as a knee guard. Some military applications even use Wearable as a bullet-proof vest and retina insertions.

In India, these wearable are sold as Oculus, fitness bands, LockSee bracelets and gesture control.

3D Gaming and AR VR

Closely related to Wearble technology, IoT and Big Data analytics is applied to new-age gaming medium such as Nintendo and Sony XBOX. Gaming is also taken seriously by Marketing and Sales professionals who are slowly taking to gamification of their entire operations. In the next 5 years, AR VR gaming is slated to outperform businesses such as advertising, film-making and social media live video streaming.

Smart City and Smart Grids

Yes, we are tired of hearing and talking about ‘smart’ in everything! Smart cities started taking shape in the 50s of the last century. And, even today, we have less than 10 global globo-politan cities that can be truly called as Smart City. However, with the advent of IoT, AI and Smart Automation for road traffic management, energy consumption, water supply and oil and gas supplies, we are seeing smart grids taking shape. In 2017, there were less than 7000 Smart Grid search results. Today, there are over 500,000 search results for the same keyword!

By 2025, 75% of the big data management and analytics would involve sources related to Smart Grid.

That shows the incredible amount of research and innovations happening in the area.

Under-developed countries in Asia and Africa are in dire need of these smart automation technologies. With Big Data, development is possible.

Together, Big Data applications chew in billions of dollars every year via innovations, product development and research, training and learning, and patenting. That’s all about smart automation applications. Tell us about your favorite one!


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