Friday 19 April 2024

Smart Content: Progressive Marketing


Content is in abundance everywhere. In the books, research papers, newspapers and internet. But is all the content marketable. A content that is not marketable is nothing more than the homework in school. But marketable content is the ingredient that drives the business. The content should essentially be smart so as to become marketable.

What makes the Content- SMART

Meaning of content is ‘contain’ or what is contained. Tells so much about the product and the type of consumer. Writing content gives only a hint of what is expected out of it by the consumer.  Content should provide the consumer an enriching experience that clears the mind of the consumer.


  • Smart content appeals to the rationality of the consumer, giving reasons and description to support the decision of the consumer to buy a particular product.
  • Marketability Features of the Content
  • Personalization.
  • Outputs of Consumer from Database.
  • Using the technological tools.
  • Combining research.


The human touch plays a big role in marketing through digital platforms. Consumers receiving emails are more likely to be attracted to a product than through print or advertisement. This creates a relationship between the customer and the product. This reference appeals directly to the consumer as it is his choice of product, and email designed according to his preferences.

A 2013 study from Harris Interactive and Janrain found that 74% of consumers get frustrated due to the irrelevant content that they get to see. This spoils the experience of the customer resulting in reduced number of visits by the customer on the website. Personalization makes the content marketable to the extent of helping the consumer experience the product before buying it. Another way of doing so is making using the experiences by another consumer. Reflecting the durability, and quality of a certain product adds to the marketability factor.

Adaptability of the product to the requirements and habits of the consumer takes personalization to new heights. Something that Nest, a smart thermostat does. It adapts to the patterns of its users and then automatically performs the routine function. Services like Rdio, Spotify or Pandora does the same to music by keeping track of music choices.

Waze a navigation app, that modifies the maps by gathering information about the traffic areas, accidents and rest stops and converting them to make the app relevant. Netflix gives recommendations based on the past choices making video experience more personalized.

These platforms have all become popular and marketable because of their strategy of personalization. All of them have the tendency to recognize the needs of the consumer.

Consumer Database

This factor compliments the former factor. Analyzing consumer database includes the history of sales and purchase, particular liking for a product, the price range of shopping, frequency of site visit and orders. According to which a specific marketing strategy is obtained that targets directly to the needs and limits of the consumer. Making the consumer fill up, the forms providing information leads to his involvement directly into the marketing strategy. The process of analyzing consumer database assists in creating a product that is tailor made making it vendible. The customer relationship management (CRM) system supports the improvement in sales as relationships last longer.

Technological tools

Creating content that is relevant, as well as appeal to different interest, is essential in creating trafficable content. This leads to the filtering of irrelevant and unproductive information reaching both the ends.

Every smart content that is reported as marketable is a product of filter software, vocabulary tools and rational scanning. All of this has a technological point of view or rather a scientific outlook at the content. This approach makes the content even smarter and hence merchantable.

Combining Research

Research is indispensable, when it comes to smart content writing. The ingredient of dynamism comes from the research made regarding the product. Scanning the research is another area of improving the content quality. Content hence should be developed with well-defined bricks of research and quality. Addressing the needs of the consumer and without losing marketability factor.

Factors that Ruin The Content

Overly involving the consumer in business strategy, marketing needs and product review is not in the interest of marketing. Also, making the experience exceedingly personalized can result in a breach of privacy and would lead to discontinuation of the subscription of emails.

Definitiveness of the data is to be monitored and improved.

Smart Content

Content that ensures accountability and profitability is a smart content. Hence, the cardinal elements, personalization and modification as per the research of the content, gets the targeted consumers. Influential content designs the growth prospective of the product and consequently makes the content smart.

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