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Some Important Facts To Know About Lung Cancer!

Some Important Facts To Know About Lung Cancer!

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases which have become quite common. There are so many different types of cancers, and one of those is lung cancer. Lungs are basically two spongy organs inside the chest and have the function of providing oxygen to our body. Lung cancer contributes a major part in causing death in the US. People who smoke are most likely to get affected by this disease. Quitting smoking after some years can also reduce the chances of cancer.

Symptoms of the disease are not easily seen. The most common symptom is shortness of breath and chest pain. Bone pain and headache can also be observed in some very critical conditions. It is advised to get a check-up in case of any above stated symptoms. Counseling and medications can also help in quitting smoking if one is facing difficulty.

Types of Lung Cancer

Experts have divided this disease into two types on the basis of their appearances under the microscope. The treatment also differs according to the type of cancer. There is also a big difference in Lung Cancer treatment cost in India. Here are the types:

Small Cell Lung Cancer: This type of lung cancer is mostly observed in chain-smokers. Overall, this type of disease is not as common as the other one.

Non-Small Cell lung cancer: Actually, this type of cancer includes several types of lung cancers which almost have same symptoms and treatment. Non-small cell lung cancers include squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, and large cell carcinoma.

Which tests are conducted to diagnose lung cancer?

There are a number of tests which can be taken to check the condition of the disease.

Imaging Test: The first and most basic test to determine the lung cancer is an x-ray image of the lung. An image can reveal an abnormal mass and nodule. A CT scan can also reveal the details that might not be detected on X-ray.

Sputum Cytology: If one is having a cough which is producing sputum, looking at that sputum under the microscope can also reveal the presence of lung cancer.

Biopsy: A sample of abnormal cells may be removed in a procedure called a biopsy. A doctor can perform this test in different ways, in which your doctor examines abnormal areas of your lungs. A biopsy is a complex process.


The doctor chooses the treatment plan based on the number of factors, such as overall health, type, and stage of cancer. During surgery, several procedures are undertaken, and some of them include:

Wedge Resection to remove a small section of lung that contains the tumor along with a margin of healthy tissue

Segmental resection to remove a larger portion of the lung but not at all the entire lobe.

Lobectomy to remove the entire lobe of one lung.

Pneumonectomy to remove an entire lung.

In a surgery, lymph nodes are also removed from the chest so the checkup of any sign of cancer can be done easily. You can search the lung treatment cost in India by searching online.