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Some Information On Popular Crafts

Some Information On Popular Crafts

Arts and Crafts are connected to the soul of almost every people. A very popular IndianCity is Jaipur that is involved with an epitome of all kinds of crafts. It has a richculture ofmotifs and colors in the field of textiles and pottery.

A Rich Tradition of Blue Pottery

Blue pottery is a world-famous Craft of Jaipur- the famous pink city of India.The term ‘blue pottery’ has come from its eye-catching and incredible blue dye. This dye gives a life to the pottery by its blue color. Certain potteries aresemi-transparent and a large number of them are designed with bird and animal motifs. This craft shows an elegant and extraordinary appearance, as it is prepared with Egyptian paste, low-fired and glazed. This artform is really a distinguished one and helps to spread the culture of art and craft throughout the world.

Blue pottery is somewhat different because of its usage of outstanding dough made of a balance of quartz stone powder, MultaniMitti or Fuller’s Earth, powdered glass, gum, borax, and water. This pottery culture is not linked with anyclay and it is its specialty across the whole world. Its amazng technique creates various decorative items, such as pots,tiles, door knobs, plates, and vases. If you are an ardent lover of crafs, then it is obvious that you want to decorate your home with various enchanting designs and is a must-have design in every home. You can buy blue pottery online from different websites.

The blue color comes fromcobalt oxide; its green color has derived from copper oxide. White along with some non-conventional colors (like brown and yellow) furnish thispottery to meet the top class quality. The traditional motifs and patterns of blue potteryhave come from Persian origins. Some contemporary patterns have also beendeveloped, such as geometric designs, floral, birds, animals, divine being, like Goddess ‘Durga’ along with Lord ‘Ganesh’.

The overall strategy of blue pottery preparation is time-consuming and tedious. Theabove-specified ingredients are mixed and molding dough is prepared. After that, it goes through the process of rolling and flattening in a thick ‘Chapatti’ form (4-5 millimeter) that is placed into themoulds along with a blend of ‘Raakh’ andBajri’. ‘Bajri meansstones and ‘Raakh’ is ash gathered from the burnt wood. Now, the prepared mold is converted into the upside down, after that, it is removed. The obtained dough is then left fordrying.The pottery is left for cleaning and shaping and is rubbed along with ‘Regmaal’ forpolishing the surface. Then it is dipped into a special solution of powdered glass, quartzpowder, edible flour, and water. It is then kept for drying.

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