Thursday 30 May 2024

Some of the Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Buying a Nursing Bra

Almost every expecting mother starts to plan on how to deal with each and every change that is going to happen after the birth of her child. One of the most expected changes in a new mom’s body is the increase in her breast size.

Expecting mothers try to be proactive and buy nursing bras, during her final trimester, just to be ready once the baby comes. Most moms end up with small size bras, which are too uncomfortable for them after baby is born.

Mostly women buy bras, which are two or three sizes bigger than their present cup size. It is almost impossible to judge the size of the nursing cup bra once you start nursing. In this article, you will get to learn about some of the biggest mistakes women make while buying nursing bra and some tips that can be helpful. Some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Get professionally fitted –

As a matter of fact the breast size of a woman keeps changing her whole life and the most noticeable changes are observed, during her pregnancy. Most women end up buying bras, which are either too small or too big. It is recommended to buy a professional fitted bra during your eight month of pregnancy, as it will be the same size for your breast 8 weeks post birth.

  • Well fitted cup –

One another mistake most women make is buying bras with extra room in the cup. It is recommended to buy a well fitted cup, so that your breasts are comfortable and well supported. A good nursing bra has stretchy fabric, which allows your breast to handle the movements, during nursing.

  • 4 – 6 hooks and eyes on the back band –

When you are shopping for a nursing bra in Singapore online during your eighth month of pregnancy, you should get fitted for the loosest hook and eye on the back band of the bra.

As the time passes your rib cage will contract, by getting fitted in the loosest hook and eye on the back band you get room to tighten your rib cage with time. The back band provides the maximum support for your bra, it is very important that you select a bra with back band.

  • Cup specific bras post birth –

During the first eight weeks after the birth of your child, your breasts may seem to be out of control. It takes time for your body to get used to the fluctuations and learn to regulate milk. A seamless bra is the best option during this time as it will be adjust with the changes in your body and keep you comfortable.

  • Consider your wardrobe –

The last thing to consider is your style and wardrobe collection. There are many nursing bras available in the market. You can choose from options like contour, soft cups, everyday basics and fashion bras. Choose a bra that will complement your style and keep you comfortable during your nursing period.

Nursing bras are very important as they provide support to your breasts, during the nursing days or years.